The energy at our Love Your Guts Charity event was nothing short of palpable. Our huge 1200sq metre facility was filled with passionate women giving back to the community as they got ready to work up a sweat and be inspired by our healthy “gut loving’ recipes. We all gathered for a common cause, to raise money for the “One in Five” Charity which is dedicated to research into a cure for mental health disorders. Coincidentally, it was also World Suicide Prevention Day. The reason we are passionate about this organisation is because their focus is on getting to the root cause of why so many people are effected by depression. Their research delves into the connection between gut health and neurotransmitter production. The link is that 90% of serotonin is produced in our gut. As a society due to our lifestyle, junk food consumption, pesticides and toxins we ingest we have seen a huge decline in the health of our digestion.

The day kicked off with one of the biggest group sessions in HQ history! With over 50 women prowler pushing, battling it out on ropes and lifting weights you could feel that as the music blared through their working sets that everyone was working to their max! By the time a full lap was completed everyone looked like they were ready to pack up, but the start of round 2 was called. Followed by an express round with a 45sec work period and 45sec rest to completely finish this off.

After recovering from the session with a protein shake we then moved into our education and recipe section of the day.

Aside from pumping us with happy hormones, healthy digestion should definitely be on the top of your wellbeing check list. Getting lean, nutrient absorption, energy production, building a strong immune system, avoiding autoimmune diseases and healthy joints all point in the direction of ‘gut health’. Signs of bloating, slow digestion or our poop not looking the way it should are all signs that this area needs some attention.

We then moved on to learning how to cook everything that feeds the good stuff into our bodies, foods that heal and love our guts.


One of my all time health obsessions is bone broth. It is packed with so many benefits and functions and is a great way of using foods to heal your body. This wonder-broth helps to heal leaky gut, reduce cellulite, reverse adrenal fatigue as well as keeping your joints happy and strong. If you are on a budget and trying to hit your protein quota for the day, this is a great inexpensive way of doing it.

Gelatine Gummies

Personally this was my first experience with these fruity gelatine delights. Maybe you think I have been hiding under a rock, but I had no idea that gut-healing could taste so good. Much like it’s cousin ‘bone broth’ this technique uses powdered collagen which has been extracted from bones and dried to still pack it with  all of the above healing qualities as broth.

Fermented Food – Probiotics

A healthy digestion is housed with both good and bad bacteria. It is not that one is better than the other, but rather it is keeping the balance that is important. Laco-fermenting foods is a process which dates back through the ages and all cultures have a history of using this process for medicinal and digestion purposes.

Tonics – PreBiotics

When you think probiotics, these are live cultures which feed good bacteria into your gut. Their counterpart, prebiotic are what help promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.  A good analogy I have heard is if you think of your gut Coincidentally as a garden and the prebiotics are what feed the garden.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and remember, if you ‘Love your Guts’ they will love you back. This truly is the key to being healthy, happy and achieving those lean abs.

If you would like to attend future events at our HQ then make sure you enter your details to stay up to date with all of the latest happenings.

Amanda x

The Queen of Lean

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