Perhaps you’ve been on the weight-loss wagon for a little while? Or maybe you’ve just had your line in the sand moment, and you’re ready for a change? Either way, I’m assuming you want results, and you would also like this to be the last time you need to achieve them! In this post, we have got you covered with a couple of common stumbling blocks which we see all the time.  I wanted to share these insights with you in the hope we can save you the trouble and save you time on the path to your goal. 

Going Crazy On ‘Health’ Foods 

Health foods, although often a better choice still counts in the calorie scale. Thinking that they have some anti-inflammatory super food wonderment, where they will go straight to your feet can see you falling into the trap of slowing your results. A common culprit can be things such as gluten-free baking, nuts and bliss balls. Don’t for a second think that I am saying not to have them, but be mindful that these delicious little calorie dense morsels can creep up on you. 

This is especially true is when you are super hungry and decide to ‘snack’ on bliss balls, before you know it you are 600 calories in deep.  My advice, eat a balanced meal first with protein, veggies and good fat and then move to the bliss balls. Know when you can have one to two and avoid trying to fill up on these types of foods. 

If the thought of having a meal doesn’t cut it and you feel you are always craving sugar, I would check in on your sleep patterns, stress and also if overall you are eating enough. 

Handing your Power Over to Hormones

Hormones get blamed for the lack of results more than I like to count! What’s worse, we can get into overwhelm, thinking that they are working against us. Ultimately, this type of mindset is not productive and can take your power away. Although yes, we have this beautifully complex orchestra of hormones which play different tunes at different stages of our lives, it isn’t (in most cases) their fault for the lack of results. The truth is your body wants and craves balance, and through doing the simple foundational things well, your hormones will surely follow. If you do feel that you are in hormonal havoc, the first place to look is cortisol and stress. Start the journey of improving your quality and quantity of sleep, reducing stress and loving yourself enough to move, eat well and include some self-care. Watch, and the results come. 

Following a Fancy Fad 

A fancy fad is only as good as the sustainability of the approach. If it isn’t something you can do for life (or at least the next several months), then potentially you are going to find yourself at square one. The mindset of trying something for a stint, then go back to ‘normal’ is setting a path of yo-yo results. When you think about it, whatever ‘normal’ was in most cases, has taken you on the road to where you are feeling unhappy. Why would we want to go back there? 

We have lifestyles which are unique to us, and we want to try and match the nutrition to suit. For example, you may have a busy morning organising kids with a commute to work. You decide fasting is a great approach. Take a different woman with a history of binging and skipping meals, and this approach leaves her craving sugar and overeating. There is nothing wrong with the approach; it just doesn’t suit the person. When selecting the nutrition for you, play to your strengths and know what you can do for the long game. 

As people, we also like to have a fancy name to put to our approach; keto, paleo, fasting, vegan etc. Sometimes just making it about healthy eating and shifting to better habits gradually.

Chopping and Changing Your Approach WAY too Often 

As women, it is like we have a two-week window where if we don’t see some DRAMATIC results, we want to do a complete overhaul in the approach. ‘Nothing’s working!’ ‘I’ve tried everything.’ May be common statements you’ve said before. Yet More often than not, we need to settle in and build consistency. 

We designed our Coaching methods with this in mind and have two-week result check-ins with our clients. You can see great results in this timeframe, but mainly we want to ensure you don’t lose your head and throw everything out the window. If needed, we make adjustments to the approach but nine times out of 10 it is just to keep going do have the opportunity to make adjustments if we need to. If you can relate, maybe it is time to get a Coach to guide you in the right direction?

‘Freestyling’ Your Programming 

There is nothing more confusing a demotivating as walking into a gym or doing a home workout where is it a mix of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. If you want a time-effective results-driven approach which gets the job done having a program or attend classes. I totally understand those days where you feel your mind and body needs the freedom to move in a way that it is craving on that given day. However, for the bulk of your training, if you want serious results, you need a focus structure and program; otherwise, you are just shooting in the dark.  

A good program will help to overcome muscular imbalances, will give you progressive overload to keep you progressing and will be tailored to your goals. Add to this you will have a more productive session when you have it laid out exactly what you need to do. Following a program will avoid you just ‘fluffing around.’ 

So all in all, I hope this was super-helpful. Remember to find an approach which works for you and then let consistency carry you to your goal. 

Until next time, 


The Queen of Lean



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