Baby Back Workshop

Because as a mum you strength and happiness in just as important!

Baby Back Workshop

If you are a new mum then I am sure you can relate to this. One moment you are pregnant then the next you are thrusted full pelt into sleepless nights with a crying baby and just trying to figure out a whole lot of ‘stuff’!

Amongst all of this, it is easy to see why your ‘getting back to fitness plan’ can be shoved to the bottom of the priority pile  especially for the first 6 weeks.

When you do come up for air, which trust me will happen at some point and you feel ready to go back into training and exercise you definitely want to go about it the right way. 

When it comes to getting back into training we believe with such a massive life change it is more important than ever to feel strong. To flood your body with happy hormones and to prioritise helping your body recover from the pregnancy the labour and possibly a c-section.

It is essential to get your pelvic floor and core functioning the way it should. Once this area of your body is strong again, it is then safe to branch out into running, weight training or whatever you love doing to get your body moving.   

But let’s be honest working these muscles,  although super important can be mind numbingly boring. Then add to this there is the confusion of whether you are actually activating and targeting the right areas at all.

So why is this so important and why should we dedicate a workshop to it? Post pregnancy around 50% of women have issues with back pain for the rest of your life as well as the ole’ ‘peeing’ yourself during exercise. Simple things like coughing, sneezing and laughing can lead to wetting your pants! A strong core is also important because 1 in 5 women experience some type of prolapse after childbirth. This is when your internal organs drop to where they shouldn’t be and may require surgery. 

This topic, for us at The Queen of Lean was a huge motivation for creating the ‘Baby Back’ workshop.

Who is this workshop for:


Anyone who would like a stronger Core


New Mums getting back into exercise


If you are a mum and you have never given your core the love it deserves post pregnancy

What Will You Learn:


How to test for Ab Separation


How to Activate and Strengthen your pelvic floor


How to Target your core and work through a levelling system to get strong again


Lifestyle & Nutritional tips to aid with sleep and recovery

Babies and prams are welcome and you could even bring a muslin or blanket to make this a ‘tummy time’ session for both of you.

So whether you are brand new at this mothering gig or even if you are a couple of years in and the ab separation, pelvic floor and core situation is still sitting on your ‘to do’ list. We would love to help. We are putting on a free mini workshop which will teach you how to test your own ab separation as well as a practical program to follow and approach to getting back into training.

All you need to do is register your details if you would like to come along. Maybe ask a friend to join you and mark it in your diary. Then get set for a super informative and fun session.

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