Birthday Open Day

Charity Open Day for both members and non-members

Birthday Open Day!

That’s right it’s our birthday! To Celebrate we want you to come and join us for a day that you will most certainly remember as teaching you the keys to ramping up your results. Yes it is 3 years since we opened our beautiful and amazing facility at HQ. While this day is all about celebrating our team, our community and the thousands of women we have helped in transforming their bodies, we thought we would put on an event that is going to help you do the same! At this free event you will get to experience a cardio fat burning class medley as well as a seminar sharing the best of the best Weight loss Hacks for the Busy Woman.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

Class – Work It Medely 

Kick off your Saturday by injecting all kinds of training fun and fat burning excellence with our Queen of Lean class Work It Medley. This is a first time event where you will take part in a mixed style sweat session while raising money for the Butterfly Foundation. Whether you are a complete beginner to classes or super experienced this will be perfect. After the class, as a group we will vote for our favourite new style which we will then add permanently to our timetable.

Then we get into an amazing seminar…. And yes this is all free!

Seminar – Weight Loss Hacks for the Busy Woman 

We are all busy right! When it comes to the weight loss game you want to be able to play it smart yet there can be SO much information out there which makes it just down right confusing. This session is going to help you see through the overwhelm and give you a plan which is simple, delivers and helps you to join the dots so that you feel like the best you again.


This day is open to everyone, well except guys and is just a gold coin donation as your entry where the proceeds will go to the Butterfly foundation. So whether you are currently a member or would just like to come along this is an open invitation and we suggest you jump onto this opportunity.


Are you female?


Are you busy?


Are you wanting to hack the system for quick results?


Are you wanting to be a part of a fun day?


An accelerated weight loss opportunity


Ways to overcome and combat cravings


Secrets to putting your body in fat burning mode


Improve Sleep and Stress to help drop Body Fat


5 Steps to Target Belly Fat


The Truth about getting Lean legs

As we said, this is open to everyone and not an opportunity that comes about often. We are taking the first 100 people that register and we would like you to be there.

Ready to learn the tricks of the trade to kick your weight loss up a notch?

All you need to do is register your details below, mark the date in your diary and get ready to learn what is going to deliver you the best results.

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Want to Speak to The Queen of Lean?

We would love to work with you on the road to discovering your best. You can contact Amanda direct and book in for free consult to discuss your current goal today.

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