Cheers and Brassieres

10am- 2pm | The Queen of Lean: 118-120 Langford Street, North Melbourne

Cheers and Brassieres

Cheers and brassieres is an event all about saying a massive Queen of Lean thank you to anybody who has brought magic to our community. Hey, whether you are a facebook fan, have lost your breath and legs on our gym floor or (especially) if you have dragged yourself out of bed for an early morning class. We want to say, we see you, we salute you and we appreciate everything you do. As well as showing you our utmost gratitude, this day, is also about paying it forward by donating our Brassieres to the Uplift Project.


In our brand spanking new location (phew) we are taking the best of the best events of the past and combining all of their elements together, to give you an array of what we know you love. We have store;

A Surprise Launch (obviously can’t tell you about that one)
Booty Plus Open Class – Tightening and Targeting all of your best parts
For the Love of Food – Slow Cooking Winter Extravaganza
Tribute to the Uplift Project
We are really looking forward to celebrating with you and invite you to bring a friend on the day so that we can have a massive impact for this amazing cause.
Event Date:  27th July 10am -2pm
Entry Free with your Preloved Bra (or any item from the list above)
Numbers are Limited to the first 50 women

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