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FIT AF- 12 Weeks to Fitness Photoshoot Ready

Are you ready to make 2021 your year to shine? I’m not just talking about just a slight shimmer; we are going for a full-blown stage light mega shine!  We want you to make this your best year yet by ingraining the kind of habits to bring out your super-fit bootylicious body and then capture it in your very own fitness photoshoot. 

If you have the feeling that your results have left you wanting more.  Or if you are tired of just going-through-the-motions with your fitness goals and ready to spark some uber motivation and epic results. Then this is the place and a project for you.

We are beyond excited to launch Fit AF 13th February 2020.  Now open for your registration, Fit AF is an empowering experience like no other. We tap into mindset, give you the secrets to structuring your Nutrition and training as well as an all-girl community to get you lean, toned and photoshoot ready in 12 weeks. Alongside your photoshoot, you set a goal relating to either strength or endurance to complete with the team, which will add to the feeling of empowerment, strength and confidence.  

If you think that this takes you WAY out of your comfort zone, then that is the WHOLE point! We all know without a defined goal and accountability is easy for another year to slip by; we don’t want that to happen to you. If you are ready for something that feels exciting, challenging and fun to breakthrough any excuse, mental and physical barrier to totally shift gears and take you to the next level result.

If you are ready to get Fit as F&*k in 2021, then your ‘shoulds’ need to turn into a HELL YES and join our team today. ​

Watch this clip to see behind the scenes of our inspiring Fit AF shoots and register to talk to our team. 



A Get Lean Goal setting & Lifestyle Plan to Breakthrough Mental & Physical Barriers.

InBody Scans to give your extra accountability & scientifically track your success.

Personalised Programming designed perfectly to Tone and Abolish Stubborn Body Fat.

Weekly Group Training and Catch ups with other Women completing this project for additional Support & Motivation

In-house seminars giving you next-level knowledge of how to enhance your lifestyle to combat stubborn areas, hormonal issues & to boost your energy

Achieve Your Best Results Amongst a Community of Women Supporting Women 

Personalised Nutrition which is simple to follow & Designed to Reshape Your Body

Cardio progressions so Continuously Achieve Results Week on Week

Exclusive Facebook Group for additional support so you Never Feel Overwhelmed.

Photo Shoot Beauty Preparation Including Tanning and Makeup

Our amazing photographer who knows how to effortlessly bring out your best 

How Do You Know if this is right for you?

You are looking for a Project which will propel your success forward & help you sustain results for the longterm.

You want to finally achieve an exceptional level of fitness with a body to match.

You have felt disappointed with results in the past & are ready to see your progress soar.

You want something to help you tap into a deeper level of motivation.

You know you need the support to give you the know-how and drive to achieve outstanding results.

You are looking for a defined goal to excite you!

You want to work with an amazing experienced team.

You want to set yourself up to make 2021 your fittest and best year yet

Love the sound of this? 

Want to learn more?

Then we want to hear from you. Our team are arranging free consultations to discuss your goals one on one and to walk you through how we work with our clients. Simply fill in the form below and we will touch base to discuss the finer details. 
If you are ready to get FIT AF then now is the time to take action.

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Want to Speak to The Queen of Lean?

We would love to work with you on the road to discovering your best. You can contact Amanda direct and book in for free consult to discuss your current goal today.

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