For the Love of Food 2!

A sensational event will be held at our headquarters for both members and non members to share in an awesome sweat session as well as learning  how to cook some ‘gut-healing’ foods whilst raising money for Charity.

For the Love of Food 2! Charity Open Day

One of our all time favourite Charity events and one we have previous run at HQ is “For the Love of Food”. Why was It so damn good? Sure you could say we are bias, but its hard to deny when after the event we had so many raving fans! The biggest standout was how much clients loved being given amazing yet simple recipes that they could implement into their lifestyle straight away.

So when you are onto a good thing, hey we thought why not do it all again.


What to Expect

This event is all about helping you amongst the busyness of life to navigate and find simple ways to totally fall in love with healthy food. It is centred around overcoming the obstacle of being time poor. By integrating family friendly nutritious food which not only will help you get lean but will deliver anti inflammatory and gut-healing benefits. We are also adding in options which are great for kids and entertaining so you can spread the love with your friends.

When: Saturday 17th Feb 11.30am 

What will you Learn?


An array of Summer entertaining recipes


Loads of Bliss Ball snack ideas


Healthy Gut healing icy poles

Kerry Lomas is a school teacher, nutritionist and practitioner and you will find it hard to match her passion when it comes to food. She believes in artesian and natural cooking methods where food is truly your medicine. We know that you will love her energy and enjoy spending this day with her.

For the Love of Food is a Charity event raising funds for the butterfly foundation to support people who are suffering.

We are so excited to have you as a part of this event. To attend this event simply enter your details below and we will confirm your place.

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