Lift Against Violence

11am- 1pm | The Queen of Lean: Level 3, 10 Elizabeth Street, Kensington

Violence against women is never ok. At the Queen of Lean we feel so passionate about helping women to feel safe and supported enough to step forward and stand up against domestic violence.  To bring awareness and to raise money for women who have found themselves in this situation, we are hosting a special event, Lift Against Violence. This will be an amazing session with guest speakers, performances and a self defence training session with Coach Talia.  We are honoured and excited to be holding this event and would love all members and non members to come and support this very important cause. 

11am- 1pm | The Queen of Lean: Level 3, 10 Elizabeth Street, Kensington, 3031

This event is in support for McAuley Services for Women. The centre provides services for women and their children who are escaping family violence, and for women who are homeless.

Their services include:

  • crisis accommodation and medium term accomodation to women and children who are escaping family violence
  • an employment program which provides support for these women to find and sustain work
  • children’s programs including early intervention services to address the trauma that children experience when they are exposed to family violence
  • a preventative education program helping employers and their employees proactively address family violence in the workplace

We chose to support the centre as ending family violence is a community responsibility. Many women have experienced hardship and have struggled to survive for years before they seek help or refuge. Within our community at QOL we strive to foster a safe environment in which women can regain or focus on their health and wellbeing. We understand that for women in crisis a strong community plays a huge part in rebuilding family connections, developing independent living skills and beginning their journey towards independence. In supporting McAuley CSW we can extend our support to these women on a broader level.

Guest speaker Tanya Mathias, from McAuley Community Services for Women talking about family violence – what it is, how to recognise it and what we as a community can do to help. Many women who experience some sort of violence in the home are unable or unwilling to speak about it, even to their closest friends. Recognising that there may be something going on may be an important first step in getting help for that person.

Self-defence workshop run by Talia where we will talk through scenarios and practice basic self-defence techniques. There is no minimum fitness level required, but you will need to work with a partner to practice techniques. 

Collecting monetary and non-monetary donations for a local organisation that helps women who are victims of family violence (McAuley Community Services for Women in Footscray). (Here is a link to what they accept But also see a detailed list below.

Guest Singer: Maria Menezes

Maria Menezes is a soul singer and is available for event performances. Influenced by Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Soul, Maria currently performs covers with an unique heart and soul based interpretation. You can contact her by following her on Facebook

Maria Menezes is a Reiki practitioner and has trained in other mind-body healing modalities which helps clients clear blocks that inhibit progress in personal growth, work, family and relationships. The focus of her work is being in present moment and by providing the client a relaxing energy treatment, the client will start to experience shifts in their lives almost immediately. Energy from source is loving and healing, and as a conduit Maria helps clients to facilitate their own healing.

Maria is about to embark on a very exciting soul based coaching journey which will help her clients further improve their lives, please follow her on Facebook to keep up to date on her services and enjoy inspirational posts.

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