Project Bikini

For Busy Women Who Have Always DESIRED to Rock Their Ultimate Bikini Body!

Have you always yearned to feel amazingly confident and sexy in a bikini? Would LOVE to achieve a flat stomach, lean legs and the type of body where you feel toned and sensational this Summer? Despite really wanting this, do you also feel this goal has sat on your ‘to do list’ forever and a day because you haven’t found that goal or team which will drive and push you beyond your current ‘status quo’ to finally unleash your ultimate body? 

Well, Until now… 

If you can relate to any of this then, Project Bikini is most definitely the very thing that you need to take your result to a WHOLE new level! 

This is a beyond amazing 12 week transformation experience which takes you on a journey of not only achieving your bikini-ready body but also getting you ready for your very own glamorous beach photo shoot. Surely there is nothing that will motivate you more and no better way to celebrate this awesome achievement.

Now, if you are already feeling your stomach flip with the combination of fear and excitement just at the prospect of this, you are not alone. For all of the women who have completed Project Bikini, they too felt the same way.  All fears aside, ask yourself ‘is this something that you have always want to do? Also ask yourself that without a goal so big and a team to guide you, would you ever REALLY be able to achieve this? 

Let’s be honest, to truly transform your body, you need to shake things up A LOT. You need that ‘special something’ to make you switch gears unveiling a new level of determination and motivation and of course results! 

When you start the Project Bikini journey with us you are a part of a tribe of like-minded women all working towards this goal. We give you everything you need. Support, knowledge, nutrition, training and exact environment which will see you thriving with results. 

When it come to the photoshoot, we set you have at an exclusive location. We take care of make up, tanning and through working with our amazing photographer you will capture beautiful images just like the ones you see here on this page. 

Watch this clip. Get excited. Forget those voices that tell you you can’t do this and take the plunge. This will be without a doubt the best decision you have made when it comes to ramping up your body goals!

How Do You Know if this is right for you?


You are ready to feel sexy and body confident in a bikini?


You’re searching for something to push your results to the next level


You want a special experience where it is just about you


You would like some amazing photos of yourself which show off all your hard work


You would like the support of others who are on the same journey


You would like to be pampered and feel like a model for a day


Full planning meeting


Inbody Scans and Bi Weekly Progress Report


Personalised Coaching and Full Support


3 Phase Personalised and Specialised  Fat Loss Training Programming


Periodised Personalised Nutritional Programming


Weekly Group Training Session and Coaching


In house bikini styling event


Exclusive Facebook Group


Celebration Dinner


Photography Planning Session


Beach Photo Shoot


Tanning/Make Up


Private Facebook Group

Optional Extras include;


Hair Styling

Louise Aganovich

Project Bikini for me was such a transformative experience which I know has stayed with me long after this Project was completed. It changed everything for me in terms of discovering a new lifestyle which initially pushed me out of my comfort zone but then became my new normal. Since Project Bikini pushed my lifestyle adjustments I now find it easy to maintain these results. 

The actual photoshoot was so scary at first but when I relaxed into it I had so much fun and it left me with a feeling that I could truely conquer anything. 

Words of advice for anyone thinking of doing this is to definitely jump in and to remember that it is your own journey and not a competition with anyone else, just you vs you 

Bec Siler

I originally came to QOL because I wanted to lose weight and work out in a female friendly environment. After being here for a while I kept seeing heaps of inspiring women competing in bikini comps or powerlifting competitions and I knew I needed some sort of ‘fire’ to get my drive going. 

That opportunity fell into my lap when QOL organised a project bikini ‘special edition’ off the back of Kristy’s photoshoot. It was exactly the kind of thing I needed to strive for and I feel so proud of my achievements when I look back at these photos now. Throughout the program when there’s a lot of drive to achieve that ‘photoshoot body’, you are pushed by the friends you have made along the way who are going through it as well. The relationships I have formed during this program were so crucial in pushing me through those hard times towards the end when giving up would’ve been an easier option. Similarly to the QOL values, this challenge created a real sense of community and friendship and without that support, those 12 weeks would’ve been a lot harder.  

 I realised how strong my mindset is and how much I can accomplish. This has now transferred across to my current training program because it shows that nothing could be challenging yet more rewarding than project bikini. 

Kim Spillman

I was drawn to the Queen of Lean environment and the vast experience and specialties of the coaches, as well as the focus on health and strength. When Project Bikini popped up I thought it was the perfect opportunity to dedicate myself to a goal and see it through.

Support was they key to my results– the support from the rest of the Project Bikini girls and QOL coaches was second to none. They are all with you every step of the way to help with anything you need!  It was awesome being able to share my journey with the other Project Bikini girls by seeing each other in the gym, having weekly catch ups and working out together to keep each other accountable.

Just do it!!  Signing up was scary, but once the goal was set and the date locked in, there was no going back.  The feeling on the day of the photoshoot was incredible – I felt confident, sexy and healthy and loved the whole process.

Early Bird Registrations for our 2018 Project Bikini team will only be open for a short time and close Monday 20th August.

Launch Date: 8th September

Pricing is upon application 

Spots are limited to 30 women only 

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