Project Bikini Bali

Just when you think Project Bikini is the best of the best transformation experiences, someone whispers ‘Project Bikini Bali!’

Have you been craving something special that is just for you which will create a mind-blowing transformation? Are you looking for that special ‘something’ take your motivation and your results soaring to new and exciting heights,? Then look no further than Project Bikini Bali! Yes that’s right, our already epically amazing Project Bikini photo shoot prep, just got even better! Not only will you be creating your best ever bikini body, it will be topped off by spending your final peak week in an exceptionally beautiful luxury Balinese villa! 

The first phase of your transformation will be completed with our team here in Melbourne. You will then fly to Bali alongside our team of Coaches where you will be training hard, recover even harder and of course including loads of poolside hangs.Complete with your own private chef, we will be hitting your taste buds while also helping you to get even leaner by ensuring we also hit your macros!

The week will be complete when you finish it off with your own glamorous beach bikini photo shoot and attend out cocktail party to celebrate your awesome accomplishments.

It really doesn’t get much better than this! We believe Project Bikini Bali is a one in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed!


The Transformation

By putting up your hand and say ‘YES! I’M IN’ you will not only have a new found level of drive and inspiration, you will of course have our team backing you 100% with all of the knowledge and support to create THE cracking bikini body you’ve always wanted. This exclusive program is for women who  want to take their results from chugging along, to a full throttle acceleration.  As an added bonus we will be bringing out your best, right through Winter months as well as giving you a perfect reason to escape Melbourne weather!

Our Luxury Villa

High above the Indian Ocean on the southernmost tip of Bali’s Bukit peninsula lies Sohamsa Ocean Estate. A magnificent cliff-top villa offering spectacular views, stunning living spaces with two pools, gym, massage room, and a sauna and steam room. This is the perfect place to relax, train and tan your bikini ready body.

What’s Included


Success Planning & Bi Weekly Progress Checks


Inbody Scans ensuring consistent tweaking & Results


Specialised approach to target trouble spots


Weekly Infrared Saunas


3 Phase Personalised Programming


Photography Planning Session


Weekly Group Training Session


Exclusive Facebook Group


6 Days and Nights in the Beautiful Luxury Soham Villa


All Meals provided


Unlimited Sauna and Steam Room


Beach/ Poolside Bikini Photo Shoot


Celebration Dinner/ Cocktail evening


Return flights to Bali


Twice a day Training and Recovery Sessions

What Results Can You Expect? 

Meagan Camilleri

Prior to joining QOL I had struggled with my weight and at my largest was 92kg. I had successful dropped to 60kg only to pile the weight back on, reaching 76 kg’s. At the time I was working as a Les Mills instructor teaching athletic classes. I felt the pressures not only to be fit and strong enough to teach the classes but also, to look the part. Whilst I was well established as an instructor, I did feel extremely self conscious and had very limited confidence in general. I wanted to be a role model to the people that I instructed but felt to intimidated to train on a gym floor particularly due to fears of being judged. I struggled to find clothing that fit and would avoid any activities that involved beaches or swimming.

I initially joined with the hopes to focus on building strength for fitness in my classes. Changing the shape of my body was something I didn’t consider because I believed that it wasn’t possible. I would often wish I could sculpt my body like many of my instructor peers.

Upon entering QOL, it felt that it would be a positive and supportive environment where I would feel comfortable training. Throughout my 2 years at QOL, I have achieved not only amazing strength and fitness but, the confidence to train in a mixed gym.

Through support and encouragement, have not only increased my strength and fitness but have developed the lean, fit and toned body I’d never thought possible. I love clothes shopping now and for the first time in my life love my body, feel confident and empowered and have gained both respect from my instructor peers and the participants in my classes!

Participating in the Project Bikini challenge was the bravest and most amazing thing I’ve ever done and enjoyed every moment of it!! I couldn’t believe that I was me in the pictures. I can now jump into a bikini without any fear of judgement. I honestly believe it was the amazing training space and positive coaches and their encouragement. Coach Deanna Segrave makes training so much fun and always gets excited when she sees clients training on the floor. It is obvious that all coaches are passionate about seeing members achieve their goals!

Kirsten Friend

What an amazing Project Bikini weekend!

I must admit I’m still on a high as I’m still getting lovely comments from my friends and family.

Thank you to all the trainers that helped me out over this journey as I wasn’t always able to come in at the set times and was so appreciative of QOL flexibility to chop and change depending on my needs so thank you!!!

I will definitely be back as the results I got from this challenge was second to none!

Thank you to the Queen of my program Jo! You certainly knew how to push my body and what I needed to do so thank you! I was so surprised my how far I got in such a short time!

Launch Date: 1st June

Bali Dates: 18th August – 24th August

Applications Close: 16th March

Pricing is upon application

Spots are limited to 7 women only

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