Sexy Back Summer Project

The Ticket To Ramping up Your Summer Results! 

The Perfect Way To Ramp up Your Winter Results!

This is the time of year where you want to kick your mojo in full swing and achieve some epic ‘Sexy Back’ Summer results. Yes, that’s right we are going full Justin Timberlake-style on you and launching the best 6-week team event. Join us to dust away any Winter funk, shift your mindset into gear and get your body moving to seriously amp up your progress!

Get Motivated!

A perfect team challenge giving you the drive and push to strive and bring out your best together, battling it out to win the overall prize. Over this six week event, you will take part in weekly team workouts, seminars as well as accumulating points for your team. The more you shift your lifestyle and achieve the results, the closer you are to winning!

Shift Your Mindset!

We all know that life gets busy, but this Project is designed to positively shift your mindset and lifestyle to enable you to value yourself, your goals! Remember true Queens know how to make themselves a priotity. 

Bank Epic Results!

Your mojo will be high; the training will be effective and fun, all while you are continuously driving to earn additional points for your team. We know that this Project will shape you, change you and set you up for outstanding results!

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Want to Speak to The Queen of Lean?

We would love to work with you on the road to discovering your best. You can contact Amanda direct and book in for free consult to discuss your current goal today.

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