2017 The Sexy Back Project

When you just know it is time for YOU to bring ‘it’ back!

The Sexy Back Project!

Have you been searching for that perfect opportunity to just feel more like YOU again? Is there a part of you that knows you could feel better, look better and be more energised and connected to life. Do you feel like you just don’t know where to start? Do you know you are ready to invest in yourself but in the past you have always put up certain barriers? Have you come to realise that when you peel it back it boils down to fear?

Now is the time to sweep all of that behind you and step up to take action on your goals!

With the release of this years Sexy Back Summer Project the timing couldn’t be more perfect for you. Make a change for the better and work with a team who can remove all elements of overwhelmed and doubt to just bring out your best Summer results.

With the release of this years Sexy Back Summer Project the timing couldn’t be more perfect for you to make a change for the better and to work with a team who can remove all elements of overwhelmed and doubt to just bring out your best Summer results.

As part of this Project, you will be assigned a Coach who will personally guide and support you as well as being responsible in leading your team to battle it out against other teams for an overall prize! This epically fun Sexy Back Project will be a chance to share your journey with other like-minded women who will motivate and hold you accountable whilst building your best Summer body.

What to Expect?


Personalised Nutrition


Fortnightly Progress Checks with InBody Scans


Accountability & Motivation with Ways to Earn Points for your Team


Weekly Team Workouts


Get Lean Results


Personalised Programming


Increased Energy


Methods for Balancing Hormones


Team T-Shirt


Your own Pedometer


Chance to Win the Overall Prize


Loads of Fun


Team Coaching

 Love the sound of this? Click and watch our video to learn more.

The Launch – Sat 7th October 11am
The Sexy Back Summer Project will launch in style. Bringing everyone together to set goals and plan the ultimate outcome of the 8 weeks ahead. We will then announce the teams and kick off with an amazing workout. 
Session 1 – How to Build Team Points and Bring Out Your Best
Kristy-Lea Brown /Amanda Brown 
This session is the perfect kick start to set a plan for the Project. We will be going through our vision and goal setting session to enable you to create your desired outcome. We will announce the teams giving you your team t-shirt and a chance to meet the other women who will be supporting your journey.
Additionally, we will share the full outlay of our points system which Is going to motivate and drive you through the 8 weeks. 




Session 2 

A team workout to remember. This session will be interactive, fun and will push you beyond your comfort zone to set the scene for the Sexy Back Project. We will launch and close the challenge with these workouts. The time comparison and strength testing will earn points for your team. We will combine both body weight and weight base training suitable to all levels as a full body session that we know you will love.

Mid Point Surprise – Sat 28th Oct

To mark the halfway point we will have a special guest appearance which will be a super fun session for everyone to have a good laugh as well as getting a workout in. This is something that we are going to keep up our sleeve as a surprise but it is something we know you will love.

Closing Session – Sat 2nd Dec

To close an awesome 8 week journey we will complete a training session together which will be benchmarked against the first to show how far you have come. We will also do the final tally of the scores and announce the winning team at a celebration dinner which will be held on that evening.

 What Kind of Results will You Achieve?

Barbora D

Kate Conlan

Bex Kaye


 What Else is Included?

Workout Tracker

Ultimate results are achieved with the right support and tracking measures to ensure that you are held accountable to your progress. At the start of the 8 weeks your team will have access to your personal scores as well as having a Sexy Back Team Score tracker at out Headquarters. Every workout you completed, every pedometer step logged and every relaxation session you do will earn points and shared amongst the teams to help spur each other on.

Weekly Team Workouts  

To keep your motivation high throughout the 8 weeks we will hold exclusive workouts for our Sexy Back Project girls. This is the perfect opportunity to increase your training frequency but most importantly this acts as a powerful weekly check point to catch up with everyone and to stay accountable throughout this time.

Sexy Back Prize

The team who comes out on top will be celebrating with dinner on us. This will be a special night to applaud all of your hard work and a chance to hang out with everyone who took part in the Project.

Additionally we will arrange for you a private fitting to choose a lingerie set from the beautiful Intimo range. This sexy lingerie is just the perfect way to again celebrate your hard work in bringing your Sexy Back!

Why stop there? You will then be treated to the ultimate relaxation experience at the Mornington Hot Springs. You will bath, relax and rejuvenate and be able to reflect on an amazing achievement and journey.

  • Celebration Dinner on Us
  • Intimo Lingerie Voucher
  • Mornington Hot Springs Access Pass


 Why Join Us?


You Ready to Bring your Sexy Back?


Achieve Amazing Summer Results & Reclaim YOU


You Want to Work with a Team that Will Coach & Support You


Learn the Best & Fastest Approach


Be Motivated & Accountable


Work in a Supportive Team Environment


Feel Confident to Achieve your Best


Achieve Your Best Body in 8 Weeks


Be Driven to Strive to Win the Sexy Back Prize


Get Lean and Feel Amazing

Ready to start creating your best Sexy Back Summer Body?

To take part in this amazing life-changing experience simply register your details below. This Project is open to members and non members. Once you register we will contact you to give you full details!

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