This challenge is sure to get your sweat on! It is 20 minutes of intensive body weight resistance intervals. Your metabolism is going to be firing red hot long after you are done! Whether it is your lounge, a park, a hotel room or any place your heart desires, your challenge is to beat me. Watch my clip, complete the workout recording the number of reps you get through for each round, compare it with mine and leave a comment when you are done.


1. Watch the YouTube clip

2. Set a timer to 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest with 20 rounds in total. If you don’t have a good timer, I recommend you purchase a the gym boss timer. This is a great tool for super charged intervals! Otherwise if you have an iPhone a tabata application will do the trick. I like the one that has the picture of traffic lights.

3. Have a look at how many reps I got through as a good benchmark before your session.

N.B. I forgot to mention with the side plank that you do one side and rest for 20 seconds and then complete the other side before moving into the jump lunges.

4. Have a pen and paper handy, after you complete a set use your rest break to record your reps.

5. Absolutely smash out your reps!

6. Leave me a comment and let me know how you went 🙂

I am looking forward to hearing how you went. I tell you one thing, my butt was sore for days after 🙂

A little leaner everyday,


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