Ah, that milestone birthday feeling. When you know it is on the horizon, all sorts of emotions start to stir. You question those big-ticket life items and then reassess the things that are really important to you. That’s precisely what Stacey felt when she knew her 40th birthday was just around the corner.

When she stopped, took stock, it was then that she actually realised, covered up in the busyness of her career and being a Mum, she felt deep down that there was in a massive hole. Mentally she wasn’t doing that great, and it had poured over into how she physically felt.  She was in a rut, struggling with her happiness, confidence, and how she felt in her own skin.

She knew she wanted her forties to feel different to her thirties. Ultimately, she knew something had to change.

In this crossroad moment, she could choose to give up and just keep pushing through ‘the busy.’ Let the underlying sadness be covered up in a to-do list. Or choose to draw one big massive line in the sand and create change. She chose change.

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At this point, she knew needed help. Not only to give her the knowledge but mainly to help with the stick-ability and motivation to ensure the follow-through. She interviewed a whole heap of gyms and the one that stood out and felt like the best fit was The Queen of Lean.

With Coach Deanna on her side, her consistency was embedded amongst the chaos. She’d committed to 3 sessions a week and squeezed in training around work, school sports drop-offs, but amongst the craziness, she stayed true to her goal.

Through her Coaching, she experienced a real shift her mindset and was able to reframe her journey. The past language would have told her that failure was a stopping point. Yet, her failures turned into setbacks and learnings. She discovered results didn’t have to come with total restriction and she abolished the all or nothing mentality. This is something which would have led her to always run out of steam. She unveiled a balanced approach and still included things she loved while also continuously feeling proud of her progress.

Having celebrated her 40th birthday, Stacey blew out her candles, and she was twenty kilos lighter, stronger than her 20’s and 30’s and feels so happy and empowered as she steps into the next decade of life.

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