By Amanda Brown

It is only now that I start to consider myself a ‘grown up’ (even though there is still room to grow) that I now realise when I got into training and exercise I didn’t start from a good place. In fact, the more I speak to clients and other women I would say for a majority we really go through our 20’s and maybe nudge into our 30’s having a warped sense of what a healthy relationship with food is, our bodies and training. 

Who else will fly their arm up in the air when I ask ‘did you have your Cardio Junkie’ phase? Who else has tried to stick to a diet of around a thousand calories? And who else has tried some laughable craze of a cabbage soup diet or something along these lines? 

I believe for the most part these stupid approaches to health have come from a combination of immaturity but mostly the confusion around what it is to be healthy. When you have a female who is already unsure about their body and you throw into the mix a low fat craze, a food pyramid based around cereals and a commercial world which will always tell you ‘your not enough’ it really is a recipe for disaster. A recipe which you hope you will outgrow, but one that can stay with you if you haven’t found your way through the confusion of it all. 

Today I thought that I would share some open and honest personal insights and experience around what changed for me on this journey. I will also share ways that we work with our clients to educate and shift their fitness goal to come from a positive place. 

Have a Productive Fitness Goal

I always encourage clients when setting goals to come from a place of wanting more. More strength, more energy and more balance rather than just a focus on getting the scales to be less. It is a tiny shift in language and mindset but this can have an amazing overall effect on your journey. 

From personal experience, one of the biggest and most powerful shifts for myself within my own training came from Powerlifting. As soon as I had let go of achieving a yoga body and explored the potential of my own strength and marvelled at what my body could do it changed EVERYTHING for me. No longer was the focus on trying to think out my short legs and what I thought at the time was thick torso, my training became about hitting a frequency to be stronger, a very different mindset. Funnily enough because of this desire to be stronger I inadvertently ended up leaner and with an amazing physique with just very different and more positive drivers. 

In saying this not everyone will find that shift in strength training, it might be yoga for you. Whatever it is, I encourage that you search to find ‘your thing’ because it is amazing when you find the right fit. 

Shift Your Focus and then shift it again 

Just as you start to set more productive goals get ready to pull yourself up from time to time. As it is natural to swing back into old habits time and time again. As long as the awareness is there you have the power to change it. Now think about what your current goal is and see if it needs some tweaks. Remember that having a goal around weight loss is fine as long as you back it up with some solid grounds of having more energy and more confidence rather than just punishment on your body. 

Realise How Amazing You Are

For myself as I am 7 weeks away from having my first child I have started to realise how much we forget how frigging amazing it is to be human. The fact that I can go about my day and grow another life inside of me which has a heart, a nervous system, eyes, ears etc. etc. yet we have the audacity to complain about our legs being too short! It is human nature but we can be pretty shallow when you really think about it. 

Yes, during this time my body has changed and strength will be reduced and I am sure that there will be moments when I do get back to training that I might feel frustrated by this. But mostly, I am looking forward to the challenge and having some good training come back moments. Another important driver for me will be being able to pass these lessons onto my own daughter who will be here in just 7 weeks time. 

So remember ladies, work to break old beliefs and to shift your training to something positive you are doing for this body of yours which is truly AMAZING. 


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