Our team of Coaches are in full-swing-prepping-mode with our Project Bikini girls set for their beach photoshoot at the end of November. With the launch of this program and with our Sexy Back Summer Project about to get off the ground, it is needless to say we have been working hard to help our clients focus on complete metabolism resets. It has certainly been the topic de jour at our HQ and is a crucial step to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Like any successful transformation journey, this is a totally challenging and hugely rewarding experience. It is crucial that you take a smart approach and set your body up the right way from the get go ensuring your ducks all line up to avoid a road of underrating, stress and possibly complete burn out in the end.

I wanted to share some insights around this because I know that often it is an area where the majority of women tend to go wrong. The biggest block we come up against is in order to reset your metabolism you have to eat more to lose more. Huh?! How can this be? You would think that eating less, exercising more makes perfect sense. But there are so many issues that you can run into with this approach. In most cases we have been sold this philosophy since day dot and add to that its a message we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. Through the media and people around you, it definitely bends your brain and is tough to mentally unravel thought this process.

So why is it that eating less and moving more can work against you?

To elicit a weight loss response the need for a new stimulus key. We are amazing adaptable characters who need something to change in order for our bodies to change. If you think about it most women these days are highly stressed and under sleeping and then we come along and throw under eating into the stress mix which is a hormonal nightmare. But aside from that if you are starting on a low calorie diet, most likely with a sluggish metabolism there is nowhere to go but down in calories to elicit the change. A further drop in energy makes sense but it will further down regulate your thyroid, create stress on the body as well as most likely cause you to run out of steam with this approach. In this case typically we hit the ‘too hard button’ and surely either give up or end up eating dust by the time you achieve your goal.

So let’s get to ‘the juice’ on how to do this.

The first step to this is knowing what your total daily energy expenditure or TDEE should be and where on average is has been. If you are a person who has been eating above this, then the reset is redundant and calorie restriction is actually the road you need to take. However what we find in most cases and especially in the female weight loss world that we are more likely to under eat, skip meals and stay in an extended state of calorie restriction. This is when you need to ‘reset.’

To calculate TDEE we use our in house InBody scanner paired with our iNutrition pro software. This takes into account body fat percentage, lean muscle and energy expenditure. Basically this is a figure of what your body needs just to survive and function and in more cases than not you need WAY more calories than you anticipate usually somewhere above 2000!

The next step is to find out what a client’s calorie consumption has been to climb them slowly to this number and then hold them there for around a week (possibly longer if under eating has been longterm). We then drop into a deficit to get the weight loss response.

Our coaching expertise and knowledge really needs to prevail when trying to rebuild broken relationships with food. Especially when this relationship has never been in a good place to start with.  It is really about teaching our clients to really trust in the process. Regular progress checks help with this. We come back and remeasure results fortnightly and can even pull it into weekly if some one is particularly nervous.

When deciding to embark on a journey like this it is always important to remember the importance of getting enough sleep, listening to your body, drinking water and limiting as much stress in your life as possible. The most important element of all is to be kind to your body. Chase health and not restriction and punishment on the road to transforming your body.

If you would like more information about how we work with our clients make sure you click through and drop us a line.

Until next time,


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