How To Overcome The Fear Of Wearing A Bikini

By Kim Langmaid

Have you ever felt that you are wandering aimlessly in search of a goal in your training? That was me. Even though I had been training for many years I never felt that I reached my body composition goals the way I had always wanted to. It was at this time I stumbled across the Queen of Lean’s Project Bikini. Being the kind of girl who never does anything by halves, taking on a goal of rocking a bikini in 12 weeks time AND a beach photoshoot was huge. Add to this I had a background of being plagued by body image issues and disordered eating for many years. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to approach this in a way which put my health and strength first. Through trusting my coach and the process I gained physical and mental strength, improved my body composition and found a new confidence and belief in myself.

However this definitely wasn’t easy!  There were weeks when I didn’t want to get that extra session in, when work and life got busy, when I had events on.  There were definitely times when I didn’t want to do that last set or that last prowler lap! I’m sure you’ve all heard this before but it’s really hard not to get caught up in the things that come up. We get stuck into the mindset that life is keeping us from achieving our goals. Some weeks were great, some weeks were super tough and I doubted myself.  I kept reminding myself of my end goal and asking myself “why do you really want to do this?” That thought was enough to get me to the gym after a long day, to set aside time to prep my food, to make better choices for myself when out with friends and at events. You need to be committed to your workouts, organised with your food, and have a back up plan for when things happen that could easily push you off track.

On meeting Amanda one of the first things we did was increase my food. Heading into any kind of fat loss journey it’s important to start with as much food as possible! Coming from a background of many years of dieting and overexercising, this is something I always knew I had to do and it scared the hell out of me – but having the support of my QOL coach helped me to stick to it. My physical strength shot up, I had so much more energy and it meant I was able to keep my food intake high the whole way through. In fact I had a week in Bali 2 weeks before the shoot, my wedding the weekend before and I was still able to achieve amazing results because I took the time to reset my metabolism.

Not only did I come away with great body composition changes and some beautiful photos from the day, I had an incredible mental shift. With increased confidence and determination that has flowed over into so many areas of my life I now feel comfortable and at peace with myself, plus I now Rock a bikini all year round with pride!! This challenge has given me the determination and ability to push through mental barriers to achieve whatever goal I set for myself.

One of the best parts of Project Bikini 2016 was doing this as part of a team. Eleven other women of all ages and starting points participated in the challenge. The support and friendship from these women over the 12 weeks played a major part in everyone’s success. We had weekly workouts together, shared our ups and downs and had an incredible day of photo shoots and celebrating, (and froze our butts off on the beach!) Accountability is key to achieving any goal – be accountable for your actions, to your coach, yourself and to your fellow Project Bikini women.

I have now set myself the goal of a fitness photoshoot later this year. Through focussing on strength and adequate nutrition throughout Project Bikini and in the time since this, I have been able to maintain my physique and am now at a great starting point heading into my next goal.  I can’t wait to share my next journey with you, and also to be a part of Project Bikini 2017!

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