QueenOfLean-img0019You would have heard that the definition of an idiot is; ‘Someone who does the same thing but expects a different result.’ Of course I am not calling you an idiot, however, being that humans are creatures of habit, have you been guilty of falling into trap of doing the same routine in the gym or eating the same types of food and also moaning about the results not coming??

I sure we have all done it at some stage or another. I think that more often than not this is because of lack of know what to do? Here are some ways you could flip your training and eating upside down, shock the body and ultimately lead to a leaner and healthier body?

I must confess this post is motivated by my own personal ambition of getting into the low body fat percentages. This is driven by a couple of exciting projects that I am working, on and filming for, so I need to go from fit to seriously lean and I have had to pull out all the stops. So whether you are just wanting to shed a couple of Kgs or drop right down into the lean numbers I thought I would share how I am doing it.

Full Paleo Eating

As simply put by Charles Poliquin ” If it doesn’t fly in the air, swim in the sea, live in a field or is a green vegie then don’t eat it.” This is a sure fire way to see result quickly. I recommend to follow this type of eating strictly for 2 weeks and then start to bring some diary and berries back into your diet after that. If you still want to lose more weight then go back to this regime.

The main reason why a lot of people fail to lose weight is the constant intake of sugar. Any excess sugar which is not burned as energy will converts to glucose which converts to fat. So by reducing your intake of fruit, and reduced fat products which have in fact been pumped with sugar will help you drop weight.

And the Green Veg part?? These have lower starch content and will help with healthy fat loss.

Heavy Weights with Slow Tempo

Less is more when it come to repetitions in an exercise, and when it comes to selecting a weight; as long as you can hold form load it up as much as possible; yes even for the girls. Try doing anywhere from 6 reps to 10 reps taking 5 seconds to complete each repetition. If you reach the end of your set and could have kept going then it is time to up the load. You will tap into a system that creates fat burning and builds lean muscle which also boosts your resting metabolism.

Metabolism Boosters

You would already know that there are some great ways to Trick your Metabolism and turn it into the fat burning furnace you are looking for. Try 1-1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon, 5-7 cups of green tea per day, chilli and errr did I mention lifting heavy weights??


This is one of the most effective way to supercharge your cardio training. No more than 30min and no less than 20 min is required for the right training effect.

Try a sprint split of 1min flat out with 1min rest which can be a slow walk or even a complete stand still. If you cross the finish line at 20min with still more juice in the tank then either increase the speed, add an incline or shorten the rest interval but you should be pretty wrecked with this knd of workout!

Try putting these stategies into play to take your results up a notch!

Eat clean, train mean


The Queen of Lean

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