Imagine selling everything, quitting your job and just riding your bike for seven months around Australia. What would that feel like? None, nada, zilch responsibilities. Just you, your bike and the (hopefully) sun on your back. This is precisely the awe-inspiring journey our client Heather is taking on in a matter of weeks.

She is riding the coast, roughing the desert and taking on the rocky ranges of oz, while camping her way through our rugged lands. Respectively, you wouldn’t pick Heather out of the crowd and consider her as the risky adventure-type. She works a corporate job, is reserved and what we have learnt about Heather, is she is most definietly your quiet achiever.

On first coming to us, she started training through our 28 Day Kickstarter. Without any experience in strength training and feeling she wasn’t your typical ‘gym person’ Heather wanted to discover the difference it would create for her.

She built consistency through attending our class. One thing lead to another, and she found herself signing up for our Fit AF Project. For those who don’t know, this is an intensive 12-week journey where you push your boundaries of training and nutrition to bring out your best results and complete a photo shoot at the end.

What Heather didn’t know, was by stepping up and taking on one challenge to the next, she was building a huge amount of self-confidence. She says this training and journey was the catalyst which lead her to take this leap of faith and go on her adventure.

Watch this clip to learn more about Heather’s journey.

We hope this story inspires you to search in your soul for the things that are a little scary, that you have always wanted to do. Hopefully, you too will take a small leap of faith to just go for it.

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