QueenOfLean-img0018Many people live by the principal that the size of a man is how hard you work, how far you run and how much you smash yourself. Now I certainly love a hard, heavy weight training session as much as the next guy. However my training is more about working smarter than harder. I know what rules I need to play by to make sure that I get a positive responses and adaption from training, not one that leaves me exhausted, stressed and grinds me down.

There are definitely 2 ends of the scale when it comes to training. There people that are just plain lazy and have a bad attitude to movement, working up a sweat and respecting their health, that is a whole other blog post. But at the other end of the scale I come across people who have such blind determination in reaching their goal that without knowing it their exercise choices are actually counter productive.

The Less Is More Principal

You would think that the more you train the leaner you would be. Simple? However your body kicks into a stress response when doing long training session which can cause you to gain weight. If by chance, you do manage to outrun or out-train this principal, do you really want to be doing that much training in the first place? Wouldn’t you rather a smarter approach?

Take a Marathon runner for example, is this the healthiest person in the world because of how far he can run? Many would argue yes. I think that this type of exercise wears your body down, is hard on your joints and tough on your immune system. I definitely respect the mental determination, there is no doubt about that, but what is your overall goal and overcome that you are looking for? If you are wanting to be strong and lean this certainly isn’t the way to go.

Exercise should be something that builds you up, enhances your health and makes you feel unstoppable.

What works for Me – My Training Week

As you probably already know I use to be one of those people that would try and run myself skinny, guess what, it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I changed my approach to be more strength based and only doing cardio as Intervals that the results started coming. This is what typical week looks like this;

2-3 German Body Comp Training Sessions

1-2 Interval Based Sprints or Sweat Circuit with weights

1 Yoga session – if you are a high stress person I would recommend at least 2 yoga sessions

Couple of Little Rules to Enhance Your Training

1. Keep weight training sessions within 45min

2. Have a structured training plan and work hard in your 45min

3. Only do your Cardio in Intervals and keep your session between 20-30min

4. Ideal time to train is 3 hours after waking up

5. Always have a post workout shake before you leave the gym

6. Do something once a day that detoxes Cortisol ie. Yoga, breathing, meditation

I know that sometimes it can be a little scary jumping ship on your current regime however I encourage you to try a similar training week to mine for 2 weeks, track your results and also see how you feel.

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Eat clean, train mean,


The Queen of Lean

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