QueenOfLean-img001An equipment fav of mine is the kettlebell. In a kettlebell session you are simultaneously targeting postural and big moving muscles, whilst also training speed, co-ordination, aerobic capacity, endurance and agility. Bang! All this rolled into one is certainly going to make you leaner faster.

Most of you will already know that I have minimal, if any, cardio equipment work in my training week. Instead you will find me sweating it out with a kettlebell in hand or making my way through a challenging sweat circuit. Personally I find this type of training is not only super duper effective but it is more mentally stimulating.

Today’s challenge in broken into an intense time split of 40sec work with a 20sec rest. We are going to complete 20 rounds making your session time a total of 20 minutes. Your challenge is to beat the number of reps that I clock up for each exercise. Have your pen and paper handy to record your results for each round and check the table below to see how you went. Oh and don’t forget to leave me a comment.

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If you are interested in feeling great, having more energy and really getting stuck into life, then the Queen of Lean has something to offer you. The Queen’s style and approach is about fitness but even moreso and perhaps more completely, it is about ’wellness’ and doing the things that enable you to get the most out of life. She is generous with her time and support and is genuinely interested in helping her clients achieve their ‘wellness goals’. The Queen modifies her training style to suit those at all levels of fitness and can equally cater for the needs of for both men and women at any age.

I have been regularly going to the gym for 18 months now but this year I made a change and started hitting the gym pretty hard (since June), and doing a mixture of walking/cardio/weights/classes etc at least once or maybe twice a day – with little results. I got quite frustrated, at the fact that I wasn’t losing weight or seeing resluts in my clothes etc. I think the major problem with what I was doing was my diet. I was still eating all the wrong foods – whilst healthy – they weren’t helping me. I was starting to lose motivation, as I wasn’t seeing any changes.

Somehow I stumbled across your facebook page (thank God!!) And made some much needed changes to my diet and work out routines.

I have been strictly following your advice for almost two weeks now and I am finally getting results. I have started Paleo eating, and doing alot more weight training and more interval cardio training. I have not lost any weight since June, until now! (3kg and counting!)

I want to thank you for helping me finally see the light – and some results – that will definately keep me motivated to keep going!

I love hearing your success stories, they give me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that sharing my journey and knowledge is helping you x

….Now let’s go and smash this kettlebell workout!

A little leaner everyday,


The Queen of Lean

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