Just yesterday I was reflecting on when I was new to the Personal Training world. It was twelve years ago that I entered the Fitness Industry, with a 6 week course under my belt and a passion and fire in my belly to help others. To be completely honest, even though my intensions were good, now that I think about it  I really didn’t know the first thing about how to achieve results. Not for myself and definitely not for my clients. Sure, I got them moving and they had a good time but I really just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I was running off philosophies such as you COULD out train a shitty diet. Chicken schnitzel salad foccasias were healthy and it didn’t really matter how many lattes I drank a day because they were skinny. Looking back now you can say that I had A LOT to learn!

I was running my own business out of Fitness First and it was a highly competitive environment. For every one gym there were at least 25 to 30 trainers walking the floor looking for business. What I lacked in knowledge I made up for in personality. It was really this factor and my determination that really helped my business grow. For all of my inadequancies I really wanted to be an amazing Coach and it wasn’t long before I was known as a course junkie. If there was a course running I was there.

After some time in the industry my knowledge improved but I still didn’t really have a clue how to get lean and feel amazing. Although others didn’t know this I did and it played on me a lot. One of the things I struggled with was feeling intimidated amongst my peers. When I look back they were probably just as lost as I was. To compensate and feel better about myself I thought the answer was to get super lean.

I started with calorie counting, I mean how hard could it be? Enter your stats in an app get the correct amount follow it to the tee and you can’t go wrong. Right? I set myself a daily calorie intake of 1100 calories. What I ate didn’t matter I just had to stay under that number. I guess this was good for learning the calorie density of foods but what I didn’t realise was I was creating a messed up relationship with food as well as exercise.

If there were days that I went over my calorie quota I ran more or cut back on dinner. I I ate low fat foods, if it had ‘skinny’ written on it it was in and if the calories seems too high it was out. No thought was given to the nutritional content, hormones, or how I felt, just hit the target and hope for the best. To make matters worse, I tracked results by standing on the scales one, two, maybe three times a day to try and figure out what the hell was happening.

I don’t recall which came first, whether I was mentally sick of it or physically worn into the ground before I gave up. This was also the time when I started to question myself. I wondered if there was something physically wrong with me that stopped me from getting lean. Was I just not like other girls, or because I am short I will always look a bit stocky? I wondered if it was a hormonal issue or any other excuse but truth be known it was because I just didn’t have a clue!

I am not sure if I did this at the same time as calorie counting or if I had given up and switched to ‘the cardio method’.  Let’s just outrun this I thought. I remember there was another much leaner trainer in the gym at the time who would run 10km at a time. So 10km it was and I did this every day and was going to do it every day until I got lean, but that day never came.

I was worn out, fed up and needed a smarter approach. Being as determined as I was I started to attend all of the right courses, got myself a trainer, learnt the difference between and good and bad approach.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I know what it is like to want results but feel completely overwhelmed. I know the frustration of feeling like you are doing everything within your power (or to your knowledge at that time) but not getting the results. I want to share what I believe was the biggest key factor that changed that for me.

My teachings over this phase and what led me down a path of winning a figure competition at the time was letting go of the following beliefs. 

  • Weight training will make you bulky
  • Cardio is the best approach…. And lots of it
  • Calorie restriction without any consideration to nutrition will get you lean
  • Low Fat was the answer
  • You could out train a shitty diet
  • If you feel tired you just have to push through as the problem is that you lack motivation.

All of these beliefs were ingrained and I needed to change that and I wasn’t able to do it alone. I did this through working with a Coach, tracking my results and setting myself free of all of this!

Fast forward to now and through a new set of beliefs and improved knowledge I have trained thousands upon thousands of women to lose weight and get lean. Through my own journey, I believe that there is a huge element where you have set your mind and body free of messed up approaches, punishing mindsets and running yourself into the ground.

Everything I do now comes from the knowledge I built through feeling frustrated and choosing to turn this around. My focus is on fuelling my body with approximately over 2000 calories (which I never count). Nutritious foods packed with good fats to enhance energy and balance hormones. Including red wine and chocolate when I feel like it. I know how to manage sleep and stress and my training is focused on building strength. Most of all this is a balanced approach which I have sustained for over 10 years now. This year I turn 40 and to be honest I feel WAY better than in my twenties and I am grateful everyday for this knowledge and even more grateful to be able to share it with our community of amazing women!

I hope you found this insight helpful. If you are in a state of overwhelm, I hear ya! If you are looking for a better way make sure you click the banner below to find out about our special intro offer open to just 12 women only!


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