A super powerful must-listen podcast where Senior Coach Joanne Reynolds featured and was interviewed by Amanda Micallef of  Devine Physique. This episode is a part of her  Mindset Series discussing self love, emotional eating and what are some key ways that you can set up a client to really honour and succeed with their goals. . Jo shares amazing insights and strategies which have shaped the way that she sets herself up for success and how she passes this onto her clients.

Here’s a little bit about Coach Jo;

I love the simple things in life and I love to keep things simple. Balance and growth in my life everyday means I am one little happy camper. Balance in life, work hard in a job I love, work hard on me and being the best version of me and have amazing relationships with people I love.

Growth in every aspect of my life is vital for me, as long as I can grow emotionally and spiritually. Have growth in my career, my finances, my health & fitness, my relationships and my own personal development then that is happiness to me  Oh and not take myself too seriously.

I pretty much sum it up in my 5 favourite ‘L’ words….. live, life, love, laugh, lift

Enjoy the podcast, we know you will get a lot out of this!


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