And yet again you go to the freezer, take out the tub of ice cream and make your way to the pantry where you take out the bag of twisties. You take your place on the sofa, put on your favourite TV show and before you know it the tub of ice cream is finished and the bag of twisties is scrunched up empty beside you!


You only ever have 2 choices in any situation.
You can choose to do something out of love or out of fear.

With a history of emotional eating I used to eat out of fear. Having overcome that disorder I now realise that every time I had a binge it was because I was afraid. I ate to numb feelings because I didn’t want to acknowledge what was going on in my life and I was unhappy within myself. 

I competed in a Fitness Modelling competition in 2012. Everything I did during that prep was from FEAR. I pushed myself so hard because I was terrified of standing on a stage being judged in the tiniest of bikinis. Every thing I did came from fear and I used language like “I must”, “I have to do”, “I’m not allowed”.

I ran my own business for 2 years and as a result I wasn’t sleeping, I was working way too much and I just really struggled to relax and let go. I wasn’t training and I wasn’t nourishing my body. This did not serve me as I was living my life from fear. I was always too busy, I always had something to do in my business that took time out of every other aspect of my life. 

Finally the penny dropped, where is the love? Why aren’t I worthy to love myself more and give me more of what I want?

When you eat something nourishing are you doing it because you really feel that you want to give yourself nutritious healthy food? Are you saying To yourself, I have to eat this salad because I get weighed at the weekend and I really need to lose some weight.

Are you moving your body in a loving way because you love how it makes you feel or are you flogging your body at the gym because you had a binge the night before?

Are you rocking up to work everyday genuinely happy that you get to do the work that you love? Are you dragging your ass out of bed with a yuck feeling in your tummy dreading the day ahead. 

It all starts with……

Getting honest with yourself 

You need to get out of your head, go within and ask “ok how am I really feeling?” Don’t listen to what your head is trying to tell you listen to your heart. What do you want? What is going to make you happy? 

Have Awareness 

Start reflecting and ask yourself, “Was that decision from a place of love?” You are reprogramming many, many years of negative thoughts and this will not happen overnight. Be kind to yourself, be consistent and have patience. 

Learn from every decision you make

Acknowledge yourself and give yourself a high five when you know you made a decision from love. If it came from fear ask yourself what would you love to do and do that next time.

Would love allow you to treat your stomach like a rubbish bin?
Would love allow you to work 12 hour days everyday?
Would love allow you to think that 5 hours sleep a night is ok?
Would love allow you to think that smashing your body at the gym day after day is ok? Would love allow you to starve yourself just so you can “fit in”?
Would love allow you to jump from diet to diet just so you can lose weight? 

Now imagine the most beautiful canvas painting, the one that takes centre stage in your home the one that everyone loves and comments on. 

Imagine that this reflects your life, a radiant, vibrant life that lives a life from love a masterpiece. Every decision you make today will create your stunning masterpiece! Your life. Choose love always! 

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