Adding variety as well as foods bursting with colour will always delivery the highest amount of antioxidant as well as support good gut health. This simple dish  delivers the perfect post workout macros to aid with recovery and to support fat loss. Whether you use this for one dish or make a larger amount having this type of meal at regular intervals throughout the day will most surely create sensational changes in your body composition.


2 purple cabbage leaves (shredded)

1 small carrot (finely grated)

Half a Celery stalk (thin slices)

1 radish (sliced)

1/4 cup quinoa (cooked)

8 capers

Coriander leaves 

Pipitas/pumpkin seeds

Lemon (wedge)

9 cooked Prawns (remove heads and scales)


A few pipitas/pumpkin seeds,coriander leaves & carrot


1 heap teaspoon of homemade mayo

1 teaspoon of mustard seeds 

2 teaspoons of lemon 

  1. Dressing- in a small bowl add mayo, mustard seeds and lemon juice mix well 
  2. Add half the dressing in a large bowl and set the rest aside
  3. In the large bowl add shredded cabbage, finely grated carrot, sliced celery, sliced radish, capers  & cooked quinoa 
  4. Toss well and to cabbage leaf bowl 
  5. Place Cooked Prawns on plate 
  6. Garnish with some coriander, carrot, pumpkin seeds and lemon wedge 
  7. Drizzle over mayo 

Serve and enjoy

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