Our extensive range of services are designed to guide you every step of the way to discover how to abolish things that haven’t worked for you in the past. A system that sets a clear path on the road to success.



Hormonal profiling system that measures, tracks, targets trouble spots and enables us to personalise an individual approach for you


One On One Training

Coaching provides support and personalised programs as your road map to strength, balance and getting lean


Muscle Testing

A technique to help break through blocking factors



A personalised approach to discover how to make your nutrition work for you


Working With Us

Our role is to support and help you to discover your best

We know what we do works, but the thing that we have learnt that sets us apart is that every woman is unique, and we make it our promise to discover what it is that will bring out your best.

Want to Speak to The Queen of Lean?

We would love to work with you on the road to discovering your best. You can contact Amanda direct and book in for free consult to discuss your current goal today.

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