We all know the major part of results is dependent on getting nutrition right. Yet there is an overload of contradictory information available. To add to the confusion women are typically taught to restrict calories, often leaving them hungry or craving sugar. The long term effect on metabolism may lead to more weight issues than before you started.

It really doesn’t have to be this hard!  

When you start working with us we invest our first session planning your dietary needs. Yes, your own custom diet and workout plan! We take into account your body type, lean mass, Biosignature results, energy expenditure and carbohydrate tolerance to then decode and design your unique nutritional approach. It’s no wonder our clients feel relieved to have a straight forward approach and an understanding of the types of foods to eat in order to get their body to respond. Results are reassessed every 2 weeks so you can measure and be excited by the kind of outcome you are chasing.

We don’t believe in using meal plans which tell you an exact food to eat at an exact time; that approach can be too stressful and restrictive. Rather, we give you a breakdown of the macro-nutrients for every meal, a shopping list and a cookbook to help you include foods you enjoy with the flexibility of what is available. Our weight loss program in Melbourne encourages balance. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life to get lean. If you are a person who loves structure we also have nutritional software to incorporate advanced nutritional methods.

Here at Queen of Lean we have your nutrition covered. Ask us about our personalised workout plan to lose weight and nutrition coach in Melbourne!

Want to Speak to The Queen of Lean?

We would love to work with you on the road to discovering your best. You can contact Amanda direct and book in for free consult to discuss your current goal today.

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