Working With US

Whether you are just getting back into training or wanting to take your results to new heights, we would love to work with you. Unlike your typical gym, we will first discover your overall goal and then guide you every step of the way to ensure you achieve it. Our approach is personalised and designed to clear the confusion around how to achieve the best and fastest result possible.
Initial Foundation Planning

Through working with us we give you an initial free foundation meeting to enable time to plan, set goals, and discuss all of the facets which will give you the best outcome. We talk about sleep, stress, hormones, digestion and nutrition. At this point we also measure your Biosignature. This is an amazing tool which gives us your starting body fat percentage as well as lean muscle in kilos. Additionally, Biosignature gives us your hormonal profile helping us to target trouble spots and personalise your approach. For example, one of the 12 Biosignature sites gives us an indication of your tolerance to carbohydrates helping us to plan your macronutrient intake. Whether you are wanting to specifically target your stomach or your legs, Biosignature helps us to plan and give you the direction you need.

You will come away from this meeting with a clear path and goal as well as a lifestyle and nutritional plan. From here you can either have a package based around classes, one on one coaching or a combination of both.

Personalised Programming
We personalise all of our programs and use a system of range of movement testing as well as strength testing to help us design your program. Programming rotates every 3-4 weeks to ensure that you are constantly stimulated both mentally as well as physically. This approach ensures that your body doesn’t adapt instead you continue to progress toward your goals.

Tracking and coaching
Every two weeks we catch up for a coaching session to measure results. We check in on how you are going and make any necessary adjustments before setting your next goal. We have found this is key to accountability, by tracking your progress and learning what you respond to. We believe it is important to know where you are at any given point in time.

Classes are non-intimidating and designed to suit all fitness levels. We cap our class numbers at 12 or less and then have 2 coaches in each to support with technique and coaching. We want classes to feel like a one on one session with the support of your QOL community.

Our Vibe
The vibe at our Headquarters is open, supportive and fun. We are a results based facility with an amazing all female community. We take results seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

The Best Next Step
We know that everyone comes to the table with a range of different needs, things like the time they have available and budget. We take your individual needs into consideration and build the right package for you. Your training will either be based around one on one training, classes, or a combination of both. To help get you started take advantage of our free consultation. Come meet with us to discuss your goals in more detail and let us work out the best option for you.

Want to speak to one of the Queen team?

If you are not currently where you want to be with your physical goals, you just haven’t been given the right information yet. To unleash your ultimate physique contact us today to discuss your goals.

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