Well, 2020 we did not see you coming! Everyone was too busy caught up in the storm of the 2019 Mercury retrograde to even notice. Which pfft, now seems like a walk in the park.
So here we are after a man ate a bat, somehow semi locked in our homes navigating a pandemic with our own unique set of circumstance in all of the this! I know I’m not alone in saying the last four weeks has been somewhat interesting and certainly mentally challenging. At times I have been sad, angry, downright confused but coupled with enormous gratitude and happiness.  Through this, I’ve found some things that have helped, and I thought you might like me to share them with you.

You have to play the long game. 

Think of this as a long haul flight. You’re travelling to Europe with multiple stopovers. You may even at some point, end up losing your seat on the flight and have to stay overnight in Dubai! You have to let go and mentally settle in. Go into a zone where you pace yourself, have a focus, build a positive new routine and whatever you do don’t overthink the fact that you are in a tiny plane flying 31,000 feet in the sky. 
But seriously, we are all in a place of unknowns with no timeframes. Now is not the time to overthink, get caught up in news reports and panic. I think it is important to go on with your life (as much as possible) rather than putting everything on hold and just sitting around waiting for this to end. 
Pace yourself. Think about things you want to invest your time in which possibly until now you haven’t had time to do. [Ok, possibly a little different if you are working from home your job has ramped up, and you’re homeschooling!]
Look for the opportunities which the rush of life had taken you away from. We can access so much through online; 
  • Is there a book you have wanted to read?
  • An online course you can do? 
  • Have you been trying to increase your exercise? 
  • Incorporate Meditation? 
  • Now is the time to look for these types of opportunities because this phase [even though it doesn’t seem like it] will actually pass by really quickly. 

Personally, I have been immersed in online Functional medicine course, as well as shifting my business into Livestreamed training model. I have been training loads and just started a donation appeal for Women who are subject to Domestic Violence. Funnily enough, I feel busier than before! It isn’t just about being busy, I know now more than ever it’s important to remain positive and fuel more positivity in my own life & spread those vibes to our community. 


Have a Solid Home Routine 

Fair to say everything’s been turned on its head, we’re all navigating all sorts of new aspects that we didn’t choose. Homeschooling, businesses shutting, work reduced or possible even gone, holidays cancelled and well any type of social interaction all out of bounds. It’s a lot to process and this situation can be quite the ‘head game!’ The biggest thing that has helped me right now is setting up a new routine—one that was structured, broken up into blocks and also includes lots of movement! 
  • Get up at 6am do a 20min yoga session get in a solid work block 
  • Shower get ready, put make-up on to feel like it is a typical day  
  • Drive and Coffee (listen to my course)
  • Breakfast sort out the family 
  • Mid Morning Walk, play soccer in the park (more course content while walking)
  • Snack
  • Meetings Work and Exercise while Rubes Naps
  • Sort out lunch 
  • Another walk
  • Finish off Work
  • 6.30 Dinner
  • 7pm Play toys with Ruby and then bath, books and bed 
  • 9.30pm-10pm Wind down and Bed (for me)
Yours will be different, but you get the idea. 

Connect and Move 

I’m a gym person through and through. I am not your train from home kind-of girl. If I’m honest, if it wasn’t through the necessity of the gym closing and having to take classes from home, I might not have done it. Once I got over the fact that I was in my bedroom with literally enough room to lie lengthways (my house is small) and my bedside table light as my studio light, this was an amazing session. 
Most of us go to classes for the accountability, support and for someone to push them; I was impressed that you can totally get the same drive and focus through a zoom class. Despite being through a screen [I hate to think where my screen time is at right now] it is so nice seeing our clients and everyone chatting and connecting at the start of the class to then having an epic session. 
When it comes to Livestream session, I have been so impressed at how everyone has adapted and embraced this new way of training. One thing I do love about ISO-life is I think this circumstance is creating a new shift in appreciation for movement, health and connection. 

This is what our clients Stacey and Nicole have to say about our livestream sessions!

So all in all, pace yourself. Adjust and adapt to your current situation. Set up a solid routine which creates positivity (not additional pressure) and don’t to overthink what all of this means. There has definitely been a glitch in 2020, but there is comfort in knowing we are all doing this together. At some point, we will all go back to normal, with a newfound appreciation for the little things in life xx
If you are looking for a place to connect and move, I would love you to be a part of our 3 in 5 Classes Appeal to support Women of Domestic Violence 
The Queen of Lean 

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