Talia Pranskunas


“You are all that you are in this moment and nothing else.”


1. Tell me about yourself and what you are passionate about.

I started out in the corporate world before making a move to the fitness industry. I found my passion in empowering people to live a healthier lifestyle and to be the best version of themselves. I am a pretty honest, down to earth person. I don’t pretend to live off green juice, protein and kale (although I do like all those things). I work hard to keep fit and I love to train hard, but I play hard too. Life is here to be enjoyed!
Muay Thai is my main sporting passion. Last year I started fighting professionally so watch this space – I am looking forward to some challenges in the year ahead. Always training and always improving!

2. If you could achieve your fitness goals by waving a magic wand, what would you wish for?

To move like a ninja warrior.

3. When training a client what makes you the happiest?

I love seeing people start to love their bodies. I have seen so many people that have been struggling with body issues in the past, haven’t been exercising or eating well and through hard work have made really impressive physical and mental changes. They have got to a point where they start to love exercise – how it makes them feel and how it makes them look. I love hearing about that wonder when a client looks in the mirror and says to themselves “is that really me?”. It’s the best feeling.

4. Favourite Workout Track or Playlist?

Old school hip hop.

5. Favourite Quote?

“You are all that you are in this moment and nothing else.”

So be present, enjoy the process, you are awesome!



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