Lady lumps in all the wrong places can create a world of frustration. As women, we have the beautiful complexity of female hormones. And, as amazing as they are can unfortunately become easily imbalanced. These imbalances can create issues relating to your cycle, moods, and can also put a handbrake on your body composition goals. Worse still they can lead to promoting lumpy bumpy pockets of body fat particularly around your tummy, hips and thighs.

Lumps and bumps can be frustrating during summer months when we are wanting to feel body confident in our shorts or a bikini. But hey, we believe that you should no matter what your shape or size, wear what you want. You should feel ah-mazing whist building the know-how and do the work needed to achieve the results you want.

So that we can help, we are getting straight to the point and talking about the driving forces behind the reasons we develop these unwanted pockets of body fat. We are then going to share some pearls of wisdom including techniques and knowledge around how you can really start to notice changes for these problem areas.

Oestrogen Dominance 

First up we have talked about oestrogen dominance. Undoubtedly in future posts we will continue to talk about this because it is such a common issue for women. Oestrogen is not all bad news and as a hormone it is essential for libido, fertility, motivation, muscle building, good moods and protecting our heart. What is important is that our hormones remain balanced. 


When it comes to the female cycle, during the first half oestrogen rises to enable our body to build and produce our periods. It then should drop off while progesterone steps in allowing the shedding of the menstrual lining. The excess oestrogen should then be detoxed out of the body allowing everything to return to balance. Where problems occur are that our bodies are so overloaded with environmental toxins such as parabens, pesticides and the pill. These are known and act as endocrine disruptors which elevate and mimic our bodies oestrogen. This fake imbalance is the driver of symptoms including headaches around menstrual cycles, cramps, fluid retention, swollen sore breast tissue and stubborn body fat around tummys, hips and thighs. 

So what can you do about this? 

Limit your exposure to the above mentioned toxins. In addition to thus, include eating organic where possible, drinking filtered water, opting for natural skincare and make up products (paraben and sulphate free), storing food and water in glass or stainless steel containers and finding an alternative for the Pill. 

Next step is to support your detox pathways. This can be done with a combination of increasing your intake of cruciferous vegetables (see below) while also taking ATP Science product called Alpha Venus and multi food. The Alpha Venus is one of our favourite products which along with having a rich concentration of cruciferous vegetables it contains antioxidants to support cell health. Whilst detoxing which helps to ensure that the excess oestrogens are pushed down the ‘good’ pathway removed from your gut in the final stage of detox and not recycled into an unwanted form. 

In conjunction with this process you should notice that all of your pre menstrual symptoms disappear! Yes you did read this correctly DISAPPEAR!  

Cruciferous Vegetables 

  • Broccoli 
  • Kale 
  • Cabbage 
  • Bok Choy 
  • Turnips 
  • Collard Greens 
  • Cauliflower 
  • White Radishes 
  • Mustard Greens 
  • Brocoli Sprouts 
  • Arugula 
  • Kohlrabi 

Independent Estrogen Pockets 

Another situation which can unfortunately evolve is pockets of oestrogen dominant fat stores which can develop on the body. Meaning you may or may not have a hormonal profile or oestrogen dominance showing up with the symptoms that we have listed above, yet still have stubborn areas of fat on your tummy hips and thighs.

Say for example you are a woman with PCOS and elevated testosterone is more of an issue for you, you can still develop these independent oestrogen dominate areas. The reason is that fat is actually an organ which secretes its own hormones, one of them being oestrogen. 

Confusing I know! How will you know if this is you? You will have these unwanted lumpy pockets on your tummy, hips and thighs. It will seem that no matter how hard you work they just don’t seem to budge. These areas will also have low circulation and be cold to touch. This is an issue that you will often hear the guys from ATP Science talk about which is also the very reason they have developed a product called Block E3 along with Subcut.

Block E3 is a product that we love so much that we stock it at our Kensington HQ. It is a cream you can use transdermally on your skin and is packed with a powerhouse of ingredients all targeted at blocking oestrogen receptors while subcut is perfect for increasing blood flow to the area to enable you to burn fat.

Fluid Retention 

Fluid retention can also make this problem look worse than it is. This can stem from several underlying issues and we recommend trying to identify what it is for you to help get to the root cause and treat it. Without going too deep into this, the best places to look are serious health issues such as blood clots and circulatory problems.  Oestrogen dominance (see above) excess cortisol and adrenal issues which you can read about here or thyroid imbalances. 

While doing your research we recommend trying the following:

Hydrate Simple but important. Drink plenty of quality filtered water to ensure that your body is flushing and not storing fluid. 

Dry Brushing Great for moving fluid and removing toxins. This is best done with a dry brush using small circulatory motions pushing the fluid toward the heart so that it can be pumped out of your system. 

Bentonite Clay Australian bentonite clay is best for this, in particular we love MUD and use it mixed with some water and spread over the fluid retentive parts of the body. This will actually draw the fluid and toxins from your skin.

Exercise and Training In order to remove some lymph in your body muscle pump is essential. Regular weight training or cardio will be just perfect for this.

Food is your medicine We love using foods as medicine and when it comes to assisting your body to remove excess fluid the below list of foods are great as diuretics

  • Dandelion Leaf  
  • Celery Seeds 
  • Asparagus 
  • Beetroot Powder

Bone Broth and Cellulite

Another angle that you can hit this from is including bone broth as a regular part of your nutrition. We LOVE this for it’s gut healing and adrenal support. When it comes to cellulite this is also truly amazing. How it works is the bone broth contains something called glycosaminoglycans. A big fancy word but an ingredient which promotes collagen production. 

The reason collagen is important for cellulite is it is through the breakdown of the collagen tissue this lumpy effect occurs. Regularly including bone broth will promote collagen to improve skin integrity and elasticity, both crucial for anti-aging and for targeting these unwanted lumpy areas.

As always we hope you find this post helpful and that it inspires you to keep chasing ultimate health and your ultimate body. 


The Queen of Lean 

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