When it come to fat loss and chasing the body you want, most of us look for something fancy. A craze, a tablet, a shake or a fancy diet that has a cool name attached to it, yet a lot of us completely miss the mark. 

We have talked about the importance of increasing sleep, decreasing stress and balancing hormones but essentially fat loss comes down to energy in vs energy out. We have come to know that one of the biggest and most underestimated factors within this equation is your NEAT or otherwise known as non exercise related thermogenesis. 

So what exactly is NEAT? This is the energy you expend outside of sleeping, eating and exercise related activities. Basically it is the everything in between including walking, climbing stairs, typing, cleaning and even fidgeting. 

With the huge changes in our lifestyles and the more we shift towards convenience for everything there is a massive drop in this type of energy expenditure. When you really think about it this makes up the majority of our day and about 20-30% of the energy we expend. 

It is almost arrogant of us to expect that training 45min to an hour a 3-4 times a week then sitting on our butt for the rest of the time is going to get the outcome we want. When you really think about it the majority of your time is made up of the NEAT which is where you are going to bank the majority of your results. 

know it is ‘all the rage’ to relate everything to the Paleolithic era but think about it, there was a hell of a lot more NEAT going on back then. We didn’t  have cars, the convenience of shops, browsing, online shopping or TV. These days it is not uncommon to get up, sit in a car, bus or train, sit at a desk, go back to your car bus or train, sit in front of the TV and then go to bed. This is the extreme case but overall these days there is a much lower output going on in our daily lives.

So what are the factors we need to consider when we look at the fat loss equation? Your total daily energy expenditure or TDEE is made up of the following. 

MR Basal Metabolic Fat 

Your BMR is the energy that your body is burning while at complete rest. This is basically the calories that you need to keep your body functioning, for your heart to beat and for you to breathe. The factors which effect this measure is fat mass vs muscle mass, your height and gender which unfortunately this is one area where women have a disadvantage over men. 

TEF Thermic Effect of Food

This is the cost of breaking down and digesting different macro nutrients in your diet. The cost is higher for protein than it is for carbohydrates and, lastly fats. 

PA Physical Activity 

This of course is your cardio, weight training and whatever else you like to make up your intentional exercise.

NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

See above 

Ways to Increase Your NEAT 

Is is all about ramping up the simple things and spending less time on your butt and more time on your feet. Here is a list of thing to consider 

Is is all about ramping up the simple things and spending less time on your butt and more time on your feet. Here is a list of thing to consider 

  • Parking further away and walking to your destination 
  • Going for a walk in nature 
  • Using the stairs 
  • Consider switching to a standing desk or Swiss Ball 
  • While watching TV use the foam roller or stretch your body 
  • While working set an alarm to walk around every 20min – you are actually more mentally productive this way 
  • Walk and talk when on the phone 

So if you are currently on a mission to drop body fat and you are feeling like things are slower than you would like, then make sure you visit this untapped gold mine of results. All it takes is being mindful and some clever adjustments through your day to really reap the benefits. 

We hope that as usual you found this super article helpful. Remember, if you ever need the support of a team that will guarantee your results then we are just a click away. 

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