Always being in the mindset of trying to diet and lose weight, can reach a point where it TOTALLY does your head in. Especially if you feel stuck, overwhelmed or you are focusing your energy in the wrong direction. Ugh, this headspace can be super challenging and is enough to make a girl want to throw in the towel. Being that weight loss is our jam, we have seen and heard it all! For this very reason, I wanted to share common mistakes, and most importantly, help you shift into an empowering place of getting great results which also doesn’t seem like a drag.

  1. Going Too Hard too Fast on Calorie Restriction
This is a big one! Massive calorie restriction=burn out both physically and mentally. Can you relate to having one of those moments where you are feeling frustrated and you tell yourself ‘Right, that’s it! I am drawing a line in the sand. I’m going make a change so that I never feel like this again.’ Unfortunately, often those ‘moments of wanting drastic change’, our brain searches for extreme change. 
When you go on a strict diet or use an extreme dieting method you send yourself down a rabbit hole for a couple of reasons; our habits are so intertwined with releasing happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin and going for the cold-turkey approach of stripping everything out, just leaves you feeling agitated and sets you up to fail. From experience, we often find common this causes women to swing hard in the other direction creating this all or nothing mentality. Ladies, our brain chemicals are powerful. Because we crave happiness and pleasure, we encourage our clients to upgrade choices or do you habit swaps which would still equate to enjoyment and satisfaction while keeping you on track with your goals. 
The other thing you must know is with continuous hard-core calories restriction, this leads to downregulating your thyroid hormones and leave you feeling physically fatigued, slowing down your incidental movement while also slowing your metabolism. Add to this that when we feel tired, we are more likely to be emotional or have cravings, which also makes it harder to stay on track. 
A smart way to lose weight is to take yourself into a small calorie deficit. Meaning that you get lean while eating as many calories as you can. You can work out what is a good calorie target for you based on lean muscle and body fat percentage. This may sound like an oxymoron. However, focusing on higher calories helps with energy, muscle repair and ensures you are getting enough vitamins and minerals while keeping your metabolism cranking.  
We also recommend that our clients take a diet break which is where you bring your calories up to a point which is just maintenance. This acts and both a mental and physical reset which enhances results in the long run. 
As a side note, I will also add that we don’t like longterm calorie counting. Typically we will use this as a learning tool so you get to know what works for your body.
2.Fixating on Weight Loss
I believe the brain just gets downright fatigued if weight loss is the only focus and goal. As women, we can get caught in this trap of what society expects of us and to try and shrink ourselves. Eat less and be smaller is a very disempowering mindset.  The most powerful type of goal to keep motivation high is working to shift your focus to what is intrinsically important to you. I would suggest doing a little soul searching on why you are on this weight loss journey. What will achieving this goal change for you? How will it positively impact your life? Additionally, shift your focus away from disempowering aspects and focus on performance, strength and how you feel after every time you invest in yourself. 
3. Your Words are your World 
If you tell yourself this is hard, challenge, you’re tired it is not fair etc, guess what, it will be hard, challenging and you won’t have the energy for this goal. We all have negative self-talk which comes up. However, if you are dedicated to creating more positivity in your habits and lifestyle, it has to start with how you think about the journey. 
There isn’t a woman in the world who can’t have the results they desire, and you are no exception to this rule, it is all in the way you think! 
Next time negativity is creeping in, catch it reframe it and move forward with a more empowering story. This process takes work, especially if you have been surrounded by people who are quite fixed in their thoughts rather than focussing on growth and possibilities.
4.Chasing a quick fix
Quick fixes in my eyes are just a gateway to yo-yoing and feeling completely stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to weight loss. Even if a quick fix was to help you drop 5kg, 10kg, 15kg you will most surely put it back on if you have done nothing to change your lifestyle that for you there in the first place. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle but take a shake, pill or whatever it is, the unhealthy lifestyle will take you back to where you don’t want to be. 
Chase health and focus on slow and empowering habit shifts which move you to your goal.
I hope these word of experience and wisdom help you to shift into more empowering thought patterns while chasing health, happiness and strength. 
See you at the gym (when we get out of lockdown 😂😂)
Mands xx

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