Training Philosophy

At The Queen of Lean we use scientifically-backed methods that are guaranteed to give you the best return on your investment of time and hard earned sweat. We believe that in order to achieve the body you want their needs be a solid foundation of weight training with a little cardio to supplement.

Our philosophy is to use effective programming that is tailored specifically to your goals. Our training builds you up to feel strong and energised rather that wearing you down. Our workouts are designed to change every 3 weeks to make sure that your body never adapts so that we can deliver you results time and time again.

Training should be fun and effective!!

We understand that nutrition and hormonal factors play an integral role in your success story. For this reason we advise on functional nutritional elements to ensure you are creating exceptional health and getting the best physical outcome.

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If you are not currently where you want to be with your physical goals, you just haven’t been given the right information yet. To unleash your ultimate physique contact us today to discuss your goals.

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