The Truth Behind Nailing Your Bikini Body

I am sure you can relate with that feeling of really wanting to achieve your ultimate bikini body. It’s a deep yearning right in the pit of your stomach, yet you just can’t seem to push your motivation over the line to take yourself there.

*Newsflash* Everyone wants an easy way to do something, including me.

Dedication is something referred to so often as the difference between getting results and staying the same. The catch is, dedication and willpower doesn’t just appear out of thin air. What I’ve learnt from experience is that you have to commit. You have to find something so big and so scary that you are left with no choice but to be committed!

I must admit that I knew it was time to make some personal changes. As a coach, I was aware that I had been putting my client’s goals and aspirations ahead of my own and it was definitely time to make myself a priority. I hired a coach, I blocked out time in my diary, made it non negotiable and I was on my way.

In the beginning the results were slow and steady but was slow and steady really going to win the race? I knew this wasn’t enough, and I was still lacking motivation. I struggled to complete my training sessions and I was unclear of my purpose in doing them.

I have an extensive background in goal setting having worked for incredible brands like Queen of Lean and Lululemon Athletica. Having this experience gave me sound tools to work on reframing my attitude, and just at that moment I realised my goal wasn’t big enough. I needed to step it up and go waaaay beyond my comfort zone.

For me, nothing was more frightening than getting in a tiny bikini on a beach for a photo shoot.

In that moment of fear I realised that this was the very goal I needed to succeed.After two months of training with my coach body fat had crept down 2.5% which was great, but I wanted more. I booked a photographer and set a date for two months down the track. Having made this commitment was exactly the push I needed. From that moment on, every decision I made was aligned and centered around my goal to get into a bikini.

Quite often people perceive trainers to have it easy when it comes to results, training and motivation. The reality is for me it’s nothing like that. I semi enjoy training and nutrition is something I have to be incredibly mindful of in order to get results. I have always had to manage my body fat as this is not something that I can achieve and sustain without effort.

Getting on that beach in my bikini took plenty of hard work and gruelling training sessions 5-6 days every week. I gave up red wine for 4 months, which if you ask my husband even he was shocked that I succeeded at this! I took food with me to dinner parties and to social events to ensure I stayed on track and I chose between things I wanted to do and what needed to be done.

So what got me through it all?

With only two weeks to go there was not one bit of willpower left in me. So many times I wanted to ‘settle’ for what I had already achieved or give up completely. The only reason I pushed through was because I knew I couldn’t let myself or anyone I had shared my goal with down.

There were 3 reasons as to why I achieved my bikini body, and none of them were training and diet. In setting a deadline I knew there was a ‘finish’ line so to speak. When it got tough I told myself to just hold on a little bit longer. When I had doubt I focussed on my reason and I told myself to give it my all. Choosing something out of my comfort zone gave me the drive I needed. I had originally set a goal for our in-house photo shoot but I knew I could hide behind clothes. As my upper body stays relatively lean and I can usually hold my condition quite well so this wasn’t enough to challenge me.

Having a strong reason why, asking yourself why something is important to you can be challenging. If you can’t identify it then your reason for pushing through won’t be strong enough. There is no way your ‘why’ can be wrong – it’s yours. Mine? Earning my place in the fitness industry. I am surrounded daily by amazingly inspiring people that SMASH their goals. I wanted to be able to hold my head high and know I deserved to be there with them, I wanted to believe in myself.

Getting in that bikini meant so much more to me than being able to hang a photo on the wall, or tick it off my bucket list. It was my way to stand my ground in the industry, I wanted to earn my place. Not only do I continually educate myself to be a better coach for my clients, but now I had belief. Belief that I could complete the real in the trenches work that needed to be done to achieve the goal. And the best thing to come out of it all is the fact that now I believe I can achieve more, and look out because I will.

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