Team QOL Classes

Team QOL is all about tapping into that next level of your determination while training in an awesome team environment. Our classes are effective, fun and the perfect opportunity to shared this experience with like-minded people who support and encourage you.

Our classes packages are there to help make your training more affordable while having access to a high level coaching. We focus on mobilisations, implementing correct technique as well as ensuring that they suit all fitness levels. Team QOL will challenge you as well as taking your results to that next level.

All of our class packages are inclusive of one on one coaching sessions to track your progress and ensure that you are making your goals a reality.

Perfect for the chick that loves to lift. Whether you just have an affection for picking up heavy stuff and putting them down or are training for a specific sport, this is a perfect way to do it. You will be lifting weights like a pro, building up your foundation strength in squats, chin ups, deadlifts and bench press, all while shaping and changing your body. Nothing changes your body more than to LIFT!

Thursday 6:00pm

Blasting maximum fat in minimum time. Take your results to new heights with this interval styled sweat session that is sure to push new limits. One thing your body loves when it comes to creating change is short, sharp intense bursts with a nice recovery in between to get you ready to go again

Tuesday | 6:00pm

When strength meets the ultimate fat burn! This session moulds together the perfect combination of two modalities to enhance leaning out your body along with creating defining shape. This is full body, circuit style, and incorporates giant sets so that you have minimal rest and just keep working to bank the results that every girl loves. If you are after head-turning results, then this is the place to find them.

Friday | 6:00am

An awesome full body strong chick training circuit. Think tyre flips, farmers walks, atlas stones and heavy prowler pushing and challenging your body in the most effective and functional way. This will be perfect if you like variety, a challenge and love to achieve results at a rapid rate. We would put this as your number one ultimate fat burning class.

Thursday | 6:00am

Saturday | 10:00am

Booty+ combines pilates principles with strength focused activation to bring you the ultimate pair to your current training regime.

With focus on sculpting a different section of your booty being sure to give your backside lots of love.

We work not only your glute maximus (your prime mover) but also blast your medius and don’t forget your minimus. But lets not forget the primary and largest stabiliser being your core – we will strengthen you from all angles; frontal abs (rectus and transverse), side abs (external & internal obliques), your back and pelvic floor.

Nobody ever said no to a perky booty and washboard abs.

Wednesday | 6:30pm

Booty HIIT is when activating and ‘switching on your core and glutes meets the ultimate fat burning protocol.

For us females this class doesn’t get any more perfect, kicking off the class by ensuring you are flattening and strengthening your stomach as well as tightening and toning your glutes.

This class then hits a crescendo of short bursts of intervals which are designed to effectively release stubborn fat from cells allowing your body to burn it off.

Saturday | 11am

Thursday | 10am

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