Team QOL Classes

Team QOL is all about tapping into that next level of your determination while training in an awesome team environment. Our classes are effective, fun and the perfect opportunity to shared this experience with like-minded people who support and encourage you.
All Classes, including gym training classes and workout classes for women, are now available both in-house and via Livestream! Yes, you can train in an intimate setting of 6 women per class or train from the convenience of your bedroom, living room, or local park to deliver the best of the best training results.
Say goodbye to excuses (and travel) and hello to training frequency and your ultimate combination fat-burning toning results. 
If your preference is Livestream, if you have a space to fit a yoga mat, a booty band, and some light weights, then you have a gym. Our Coaches will motivate, and teach you the exact ways to reshape your booty, tone your body and burn fat like never before!
Classes such as our gym workout class, HITT workout group class, and online weight loss program are delivered in-house or via zoom to give you the push and support of a Coach while also connecting with like-minded women. Participate in our classes at the scheduled time, or access the playback to easily slot into your day whenever you like! For your best weight loss program, results have never been this easy!
Personalised Coaching That Works
As a woman, your individuality should be celebrated as well as navigated. When it comes to achieving your best results, we know everyone brings to the table a unique set of circumstances. We believe it would be insulting to throw a cookie-cutter approach at your health and body goals. As an intelligent woman, you know your goals and purpose are unique to you. Hormonal imbalances, challenges, and the style of movement you love is different from someone else. You need to be understood and nurtured. Anything less will give you a sub-standard outcome.
We build your personalised plan through a systematic Coaching approach which works! Making instant progress is foremost about understanding where you are currently in your journey, then we’ll guide you on what are the best steps. As a client, we help you to abolish the all or nothing mentality, to give you smaller tweaks which deliver big results in a sustainable and long-term manner.
Drawing on our longstanding experience working with women, we understand nutrition, hormones, mindset, binging, cravings, and everything in between to support your best outcome. It is all about saving you time while boosting your energy and transforming your body. Let’s hit the ground running and match this with the training that is right for you. Your progress is measured every 2 weeks, with constant reappraisal, we’ll ease you into new habits and lifestyle without you feeling overwhelmed.
Contact us at the Queen of Lean by clicking the button below and let us provide you with your very own female personal trainer and nutrition coach. Additionally, you can work online with your personal fitness coach. We specialise in one on one personal training and workout classes for women.

Burning maximum body fat in minimum time to take your results to new heights. This interval styled sweat session is sure to get your heart pumping and your body working to push new limits. Serious results come from short,  sharp and intense bursts mixed with a nice recovery to get you ready to go again!

Tuesday | 6:00 am

Groove is an ultra funk dance experience. Ready to go from zero to hero on the dance floor all within an hour?  You will get lost in the tunes, and moving like a pro through this ultimate workout/dance experience. Broken down and delivered in smart yet straightforward moves which will see you grooving to the beats and having oodles of fun!

Tuesday | 6:30 pm

When toning meets the ultimate fat burn! This session moulds together the perfect combination of two modalities to burn fat while creating beautiful feminine curves.  A full body circuit style class which incorporates scientific methods with minimal rest to bank results you will love. 

Monday | 6:00 am

Monday | 6:30 pm

Friday | 6:00 am

Booty HIIT is when activating and ‘switching on’ your core and glutes meet the ultimate fat burning protocol.
For us, this class doesn’t get any more perfect. We start with a pilates style focus, strengthening and flattening your stomach, as well as tightening and toning your glutes.
This class crescendo is with short bursts of intervals, perfectly designed to effectively release stubborn body fat from cells allowing your body to burn it off.

Wednesday | 6:30 pm

HIIT express is your ultimate result-in-a-flash class. You get in, work up a tremendous sweat, crank out endorphins and burn body fat, all in a 30min block! If you are time-poor and want results, this is most definitely the perfect way to train.

Thursday | 6.30 am

THE class if you are looking for shape, perk and to fill your jeans in ALL the right places. Booty Build is the perfect combination to work your legs and booty ensuring you burn body fat while creating tone and the best shape.  If you’ve ever wondered what to do to build firmness in your glutes and legs, then you have most certainly found your answer.

Tuesday | 10.00am

Saturday | 8.00am

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