Team QOL Classes

Team QOL is all about tapping into that next level of your determination while training in an awesome team environment. Our classes are effective, fun and the perfect opportunity to shared this experience with like-minded people who support and encourage you.
Our classes packages are there to help make your training more affordable while having access to a high level coaching. We focus on mobilisations, implementing correct technique as well as ensuring that they suit all fitness levels. Team QOL will challenge you as well as taking your results to that next level.

All of our class packages are inclusive of one on one coaching sessions to track your progress and ensure that you are making your goals a reality.

For the love of Boxing and letting out some pent-up energy this class is sure to ‘hit’ the mark. Punch is an amazing fat burning class utilising skill and technique to work core, increase muscular endurance as well as increasing your cardio fitness.
Monday 6:30pm

Thursday 10am

Burning maximum body fat in minimum time to take your results to new heights. This interval styled sweat session is sure to get your heart pumping and your body working to push new limits. Serious results come from short,  sharp and intense bursts mixed with a nice recovery to get you ready to go again!

Tuesday | 6:00 am

Groove is an ultra funk dance experience. Ready to go from zero to hero on the dance floor all within an hour?  You will get lost in the tunes, and moving like a pro through this ultimate workout/dance experience. Broken down and delivered in smart yet straightforward moves which will see you grooving to the beats and having oodles of fun!

Tuesday | 6:30 pm

When toning meets the ultimate fat burn! This session moulds together the perfect combination of two modalities to burn fat while creating beautiful feminine curves.  A full body circuit style class which incorporates scientific methods with minimal rest to bank results you will love. 

Monday | 6:00 am

Thursday | 6:30 pm

Friday | 6:00 am

A full-body ‘strong chick’ training circuit. Think maximal fat burning with tyre flips, and farmers walk, atlas stones and heavy prowler pushing and challenging your body in a unique & functional way. Perfect for pushing you, adding variety, as well as amping up your fat-burning game.

Thursday | 6:00am
Saturday | 9:00am
Booty HIIT is when activating and ‘switching on’ your core and glutes meet the ultimate fat burning protocol.
For us, this class doesn’t get any more perfect. We start with a pilates style focus, strengthening and flattening your stomach, as well as tightening and toning your glutes.
This class crescendo is with short bursts of intervals, perfectly designed to effectively release stubborn body fat from cells allowing your body to burn it off.

Tuesday | 10am

Wednesday | 6:30 pm
Saturday | 8am

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