We take our results seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously

Results are our jam!

Pfft, without bragging, results are what we do best. Our Coaching model is designed to give support, motivation & accountability with 2-week progress checks, ensuring you thrive with any fitness goal. 
We meet you where you are currently in your journey, to move forward without overwhelm. You’ll breakthrough barriers while saying goodbye to an all or nothing mentality and build knowledge around sustainable results for life. 
We feel honoured to work with these clients and to make their dreams a reality; Now it’s your turn.

I found my Why…

I gave this challenge everything I had I followed the nutrition and training, I understood that I wouldn’t get the results I wished for if I didn’t. I found my ‘why’ and also my triggers that make me come off my plan. I learnt how to get on track if things didn’t work. I feel stronger, healthy and defiantly leaner and my body has taken a different shape. This is not the end for me this has inspired me to go further and keep challenging my health and fitness boundaries. Thanks for an awesome program that’s definitely achievable.

Phoebe Robinson

I have gained RESULTS!

I joined QOL to increase my strength, lose weight and to get re-educated about my nutrition. Since training here I have improved technique in all of my exercises and better understanding of my technique is important. I have gained RESULTS! Increased strength in all of my exercises and weight loss.
I love training at The Queen of Lean because there is a real sense of community and support felt the moment you walk through the door. All the coaches go out of their way to have a chat with you and check in with you on your progress, and the other members get behind each other like nowhere else I’ve seen.


I can achieve anything I put my mind to

QOL challenge helped me stay focused and achieve the results I craved. The 5 days exercise program kept me busy in the evenings – which were usually spent sitting in front of the TV and raiding the pantry out of boredom. And it taught me to pay closer attention to what I was eating too.
I clenched my teeth in the first session a lot, only to get better and stronger in the weeks that followed and gradually everything became much easier.
Above all, I proved to myself that when I commit to something and make it my priority, I can achieve anything I put my mind to.



I feel absolutely amazing, inside and out!

Starting this challenge I would have never imagined what I have achieved would ever be possible in only 60days, how wrong I was! Queen of Lean has taught me so much, I now have a completely new mindset when it comes to my diet. Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring or hard! I have pushed well past any personal fitness goal set and look forward to smashing all new goals. I feel absolutely amazing, inside and out!
Thank you Amanda for making this all possible!

Alex Garrett

I have changed my life forever!

I have gone from being a tired, unhealthy, obese, yo-yo diet junkie to a healthy, clean eating, hard training, energetic woman. I have sweated, hurt and pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. With support, guidance, help and knowledge I have changed my life forever! I am getting leaner and feel more like a queen every day.



Now That makes me proud

How do I feel? Strong, body confident (most of the time!), proud, focused, balanced and energetic. My body is truly something I wold be happy or my daughter to role model: curvy, womanly, strong and nourished from the inside. And my husband thinks I look amazing after two kids. Now that makes ME proud, ‘queen of lean’ or not.


I won my first comp and that inspired me!

Working with the Queen Of Lean helped me achieve my goal of stepping on stage for the first time through a process that was challenging and yet not overwhelming. I learned how to eat and train for my body to function optimally and I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and most importantly encouraged and supported. Thanks to Queen of Lean I won my division in my first comp and having such a positive experience has inspired me to continue competing as a Fitness Model. I am so grateful for the direction and support and extremely proud of my results.

Caroline Johnson

I am so much happier in my own skin

My biggest fear before seeing my coach was the fact that I had never done any type of training like this before. It was a new experience and certainly out of my comfort zone doing just purely weight training. I LOVE weight training now, I can see the results of my hard work already after 5 months and I am so much happier in my own skin. I was also worried about getting one of those trainers that just barks at you but that could not be more further from the truth!


Clare Colebatch

I love training with my coach

My coach makes strength training personal and accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level! I love training with my coach because she knows exactly when and how to push me, and always keeps things challenging but achievable. She is also clearly dedicated to furthering her own knowledge, which means her clients are always getting up to date and proven training advice.



Liz Atkins

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